MikeQ Gives Us Some Ultimate Ballroom Bangers Ahead Of This Weekend's Sissy Ball

MikeQ Gives Us Some Ultimate Ballroom Bangers Ahead Of This Weekend's Sissy Ball

Consider this a serious education ahead of some dancefloor-debauchery this Saturday.

This Saturday 24 February Red Bull Music and Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras are hosting one for the ages when the Sissy Ball takes over Redfern's Carriageworks for a night of disco-fuelled debauchery like no other. Curated by interdisciplinary artist Bhenji Rha, Carriageworks will be transformed into a Vogue Dancefloor in the tradition of New York's underground ballroom scene, featuring New York judge Leiomy, MC Dashaun and performances from MikeQ, Electric Fields, Angel-Ho, Quay Dash and more. To mark the ocassion, New Jersey Native MikeQ has given us an exquisite list of all-time Ballroom classics, so slip on your dancing shoes and take a deep dive into some very special sounds.

MikeQ’s Ultimate Guide To Ball Music

MikeQ George Gatsas

MFSB – Love Is The Message (Larry Levan Remix)

The grandest ballroom classic and one of the best instrumentals ever.

Masters at Work – The Ha Pumpin Dub

Arguably ballroom's most notable, most played, most sampled track.

Tony Krayola – Thundercat Ha

Very notable track right now, you hear this at EVERY BALL, EVERYWHERE currently.

MikeQ – The Ha Dub Rewerk'd

This track is one of my own, my update on The Ha Dub by MAW… Special because it’s one of my longer tracks and when it came out it had to be played at every ball and still today.

Byrell The Great – FQ Savage

Personally this beat makes me feel super fucking cunt, you’d never see it but just know I’m feeling it... It’s very minimal, like I like my beats, but NASTY.

Ash B. – Realness

If the Butches, ladies and fag-hags never had someone to look up to, this track tells you that there is someone like you out there, like You!

Distal – Green Lantern (MikeQ Remix)

This track makes the top ten because it might be my most requested and most played beats during vogue battles.

MikeQ – Din Da Da Krash

Hands, hands and more hands... If your hands can’t perform to this one...I will just leave that there.

Buddah The Commentator – Reclaiming My Time

Ballroom frequently takes the now moments and makes music out of them and this is one example of that amazing thing.

Quest?onmarc – Walk feat. MikeQ

This track is for the runway divas and is extra special because the feature from me is actually my voice.

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