Introducing Auckland's Merk, and his summery new slice of alt-pop - Lucky Dilemma

Introducing Auckland's Merk, and his summery new slice of alt-pop - Lucky Dilemma

He's just about join Cub Sport on their full BATS national album tour.

Auckland-based artist Merk is about to get all up in Australia's grill thanks to being one of the national supports for Cub Sport's BATS national album tour, kicking off today in Perth at Jack Rabbit Slim's. To acquaint himself, he recently dropped a new single in Lucky Dilemma, a summery alt-pop jam that is a very good time at the races. We sent Merk a few questions so you can get down to the Cub Sport shows early and be very well prepared for whatever Merk throws at ya.

Tell us about about yourself?

Young boy trying to make cool stuff.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

We talkin’ brightly coloured, fun tunes that are also a kinda sensitive! I love classic pop music, you know, bands like The Carpenters but I also really want make songs that’re new, exciting and fresh so I guess there’s those two competing sounds.

Production/writing process:

I write, record, produce, and mix everything in my little bedroom. It can be a life of solitude haha.

What can you tell us about your new single, Lucky Dilemma?

I was the intern/tea boy/toilet cleaner at Roundhead Studios, which is a really nice studio owned by Neil Finn here in NZ, and I used to stay late after work to write. One night after a late session and everyone had gone home I came up with the main riff for Lucky Dilemma while playing on a wurlitzer. I was listening to lots of Curtis Mayfield and Fat Boy Slim at the time of producing this track and in my head I wanted it to sound as if those two were jamming.

Any shows coming up?

Yes! Plenty! We are opening with my lovely, cool, talented pals Cub Sport on their album release tour:

Thu 22 Feb - Jack Rabbit Slim's, Perth

Fri 23 Feb - Jack Rabbit Slim's, Perth (SOLD OUT)

Sat 24 Feb - Fat Controller, Adelaide

Sat 3 Mar - The Corner, Melbourne (SOLD OUT)

Sun 4 Mar - The Corner, Melbourne (U18's matinee)

Sun 4 Mar - The Corner, Melbourne (SOLD OUT)

Mon 5 Mar - The Corner, Melbourne

Sat 10 Mar - The Triffid, Brisbane (All-Ages, SOLD OUT)

Sun 11 Mar - The Triffid, Brisbane (All-Ages)

Sat 17 Mar: The Metro Theatre, Sydney (All-Ages, SOLD OUT)

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

Finish off my second album and hopefully play more shows overseas incl. Australia!

Where can we hear more of your music?

Spotify / Apple / Bandcamp / Soundcloud.


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