Listen to A Gathering of The Tribe by Jon Hopkins

Listen to A Gathering of The Tribe by Jon Hopkins

The electronic maestro turns in a brilliant, meditative slice of ambient bliss

Hot on the heels of last November's Music for Pychedelic Therapy, an album that famously contained "no beats, not one drum sound, something that is closer to a classical symphony than a dance / electronica record", Jon Hopkins is back with more anti-percussive goodness.

A Gathering of The Tribe, while seperate to the album, can be thought of as a companion piece, contiuing sonic themese from the record. Originally composed as the score to an animated short film featuring an excerpt from Charles Eisenstein’s book, The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible, read by author and renowned podcast host Aubrey Marcus, today Hopkins unleashes the piece as 9 minutes of stand alone aural bliss.

Of the compostion, Hopkins says “I haven't done much scoring in the last few years, but occasionally something comes along that I fall in love with and feel like I just have to work on. My friend Aubrey Marcus showed me an early version of this stunning Aldous Massie animation he produced when I was in Austin last September. The theme, the imagery and the colours all resonated so deeply. I wrote a chord structure to follow the arc of the story, then sent it to Vylana Marcus, who sang the beautiful vocal lines that you can hear on top. Thank you to Charles Eisenstein for writing this story.”



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