Listen: KUČKA x IMANU - It's Our Destiny

Listen: KUČKA x IMANU - It's Our Destiny

Our favourite electronic pop experimentalist expat teams up with drum & bass production wiz

In a perfectly matched meeting of musical minds, Perth-via-LA’s KUČKA teams up with Rotterdam-based producer Jonathan Kievit under his IMANU alias to craft the off-kilter electronic pop addictiveness that is It’s Our Destiny. 

If you’re a fan of contemporary Australian music, at this point in her career the inimitable KUČKA needs little introduction, dropping her acclaimed Wrestling album last year after over a decade in the game. Kievit has also been busy in his past in the drum and bass world as Signal, with a number of releases on leading D&B labels like Critical Music and Shogun Audio. 

On paper, a dream collab… and in reality, too! IMANU’s intricate sound design and abstract beats are the perfect accompaniment to KUČKA’s striking, saccharine vocals that will leave you coming back for one more play each time.

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