Introducing Yomi Twice and their house-intwined new single, Feel It

Introducing Yomi Twice and their house-intwined new single, Feel It

The Sydney duo bring the thick bass kicks and bright vocals on their new one.

In Australia, house-pop is thriving. Acts including PNAU and Bag Raiders - each known somewhat as pioneers of Australia's approach to the genre - have both made recent comebacks, and they're now joined by a tonne of exciting newcomers who show promise and potential at every turn. It's not hard to understand why either. The sun-soaked, club-friendly atmosphere is a tried-and-tested mood matcher to the Australian summer, and where normal house tracks can feel exhausting over headphones in the middle of the day, intertwined pop hooks make them more digestible and accessible, leaving them able to be repeated time and time again regardless of the setting.

Yomi Twice, newcomers to the genre from Sydney, are an act grouped in with those that are using the genre to find their footings in an otherwise quite saturated scene. On Feel It, their latest single, they combine thick house grooves and kicks with a catchy vocal line that makes the track just as perfect for 3PM as it is 3AM, straddling a fine line as its vocals meet the subtle pace of the production. There's a lot to love in the track, which really sets itself up as the perfect introductory point for the pair if you're yet to meet, and with plenty more to come, it's probably a good idea that you jump at the chance. Listen to the track below, and better get to know the pairing underneath:

Tell us about yourself?

Sam: I’m one of two ginger Sams and I (currently) have longer hair. I like short walks on the beach and star gazing. Together, Sam and I are Yomi Twice.

Sam: I enjoy cereal and have recently discovered an appreciation for American mustard. I’m short haired Sam and I am the other half of Yomi Twice.

What’s the vibe music-wise?

Sam: The main driver for our sound is the dance music influence. I come from a Drum & Bass/house music background, so, I thoroughly enjoy shaking my booty! I like to bring as much energy to our music as possible, and at the same time maintaining a deep and sometimes darker atmosphere.

Sam: What he said! Except I come from more of a hip hop future bass background can confirm Sam likes to shake his booty.

What are your production and writing processes like?

Sam: Usually I’ll start the project off by trying to create a fresh new sound palate and we’ll have short-haired Sam on the studio couch conjuring up some vocal ideas to go along with any chord progressions and melodies I write. Once we have a solid foundation we tend to share any ideas between each other and Sam will add things to the production and I’ll give any hook ideas or general input I have for the vocals.

Sam: Hit the nail on the head Samson! We are all about the vibe starting off our tracks. If there is no vibe from the beginning it’s usually going in the bin! it’s all about that studio magic!

Can you tell us about your latest single, Feel It?

Sam: We wrote this with our great friend and absolute talent Séb Holdinghausen… This track was a LOAD of fun to write and had us all drowning in the excitement in the studio. Such a great feeling working on this all together!

Sam: Sam and I have such a great chemistry in the studio with Séb! This single came together really organically and naturally. When that happens usually those tracks are the keepers!

Any tour dates coming up?

Sam: That’s a secret.

Sam: Stay tuned.

What does 2019 have in store for you?

Sam: More singles to come, a very special remix which will be announced soon, and hopefully more shows!

Sam: Maybe a cheeky tour!

Where can we find more of your music?

Sam: Get your dancing shoes on and check us out on Spotify, Unearthed and Apple Music!

Sam: Also at any local supermarket, cafe or roller-disco.

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