Introducing shallou and his blissfully chill new single, You and Me

Introducing shallou and his blissfully chill new single, You and Me

An emerging young producer already racking up streams in the tens of millions.

Singer/songwriter/producer shallou has just released a blissful, chill single, You and Me. The track comes with the added pressure of following up his hugely successful debut EP, All Becomes Okay, which has racked up over 68 million streams since its May release. With a sound not too dissimilar to Aussie contemporaries like The Kite String Tangle and Golden Vessel, You and Me is a wonderfully lush arrangement that will find a home on any type of ambient/chill playlist. We sent him a few questions to find out more and see what his plans are moving ahead.

Tell us about yourself?

I'm Joe, I go by shallou, and I'm an electronic artist/singer/producer/environmentalist from DC currently living in LA. I just released my first EP in May and am excited to finally share You And Me with you guys.

What kinda tunes we talking'?

Indie/ambient/chill/dance songs with minimal lyrics but lofty concepts. I'm inspired by everything from Johann Johannsson's soundtracks to Post Malone's Stoney.

Writing Process:

I work pretty much exclusively in Logic Pro, dig for drum samples and hum melodies to myself all day long. I make music all the time, but I only release songs in small bursts. Lyrics are important to me, but I don't like to oversaturate a song with them - I do most of my story telling through the environments I create with sound. I like to delicately balance ambient and peaceful tones with fun danceable drums.

Tell us about your new single, You and Me?

As a demo You and Me started as an ambient house track that I sent to Haux, an artist I'd admired for a while. He ended up sending me these delicate and gorgeous lyrics, with a tender delivery that I thought I could nail vocally. I connected with the lyrical meaning right away. My previous EP All Becomes Okay is about life's challenges and the head space you need to overcome them. For me, having a special person in my life I can lean on makes everything okay. I thought this was a perfect tie in to the overall story and philosophy I'm trying to communicate. All things pass, everything returns to its original state, and the people we love can see us through it all.

Any shows coming up?

I have about a week left of tour with Quinn XCII in California then Seattle and Oregon. I have my first ever headline show in San Francisco on February 22. I'm really excited to share my vision live, including visuals, stage design, new and energetic music, and more instrumentation. More headline shows will be announced soon with a couple cool surprises! I'll definitely be back on the road in early '18 to say the least.

What's the rest of the year have in store?

Possibly another single and some remixes. I'm definitely embarking on some new projects while out here in Los Angeles. Not trying to be vague, you know how the industry is, everything has to be planned carefully haha. I can say with certainty 2018 is going to be the most interesting shallou year by far.

Where can we hear more of your music?

Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Bandcamp...pretty much every computer music platform. Vinyl will come soon too :)

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