In The Booth: Claptone

In The Booth: Claptone

The mysterious masked German producer takes us for a spin behind the decks.

Berlin-based producer/DJ Claptone is having a huge year. Ahead of his forthcoming debut album release on October 16, his single Puppet Theatre feat. Peter, Bjorn & John has been getting smashed on triple j, which works its way nicely into latest release The Only Thing. At at time when bassy, deep house and trap are all the rage, Claptone's melodic, modern spin on a classic, groove-driven house sound is refreshing and effortlessly cool. Which is why you should pay attention to what's below, as we asked the mysterious artist to take us through a night in the DJ booth ahead of a trip down under later this year for Stereosonic (dates at the bottom):

Take us through a set with Claptone:

What track are we opening up with?

Tonight I chose the opening track from my new album, it's an obvious choice by name, In The Beginning, and features Nathan Nicholson from the inide band The Boxer Rebellion. It's a great track to set the mood.

You’re miles away from home and you want to show some love for your home town/country. Which friend’s work are you gonna play?

Funny thing is that I'm never far away from home, 'cause planet earth is my hometown. I might drop Planet Earth by Duran Duran to honour our fabulous planet or go with Earth, Wind and Fire to pay tribute to the elements. This is how I would show love, but musically these might proof difficult to integrate into my set though.

The audience are well-oiled, now it’s time to make them lose their shit. What track is going to do it?

At this point I might drop a Claptone classic like Another Night or Long Days, Hot Night (Claptone Remix).

You’ve got ‘em now, got a track show off how deep your taste goes?

My new single The Only Thing takes us further into the Claptone universe, or did you ask me to show off by mentioning some obscure unknown and nerdy tracks, which would show how deep my musical knowledge goes? I mean I could do that, I play a lot of stuff that people haven't heard of yet, in fact I run a monthly CLAPCAST via iTunes which continuously features great underrated tracks. It features known tracks too though… I just love music.

Energy levels are waning slightly, what’s a fail safe pick me up – either for yourself, or the crowd?

Only one answer here: Gregory Porter – Liquid Spirit (Claptone Remix).

We’re on the home stretch, what’s a brand new track you’re going to test out?

There's so much to chose from. Maybe my Omen remix for Disclosure? Or I could try the other two new remixes I'm working on right now and that are not out yet. I feel a little indecisive, but it's a thrill to decide within the last 60 seconds of the track before. Surprise yourself...

It’s time for a breather, got a track with some real emotional feels?

Well everything I produce and play aims at being emotionally relevant. Maybe I pick something non-Claptone, I don't want you to think that I only play my own productions. Saying that, I play a lot of my own productions. There's one track of mine called Make Me Feel. You could take it as a motto I guess.

Good night all and thanks for coming – what track are you going to leave everyone with?

To make people fall into each others arms I'll finish with a Claptone classic, a track that's always welcome: No Eyes featuring the impecable JAW from dOP.


Saturday 28 November

Sunday 29 November

Saturday 5 December

Sunday 5 December

Sunday 6 December

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