Five Minutes With Ramsey

Five Minutes With Ramsey

One of the rawest, most powerful voices we've heard in a long time.

20-year-old singer/songwriter Ramsey has one of those truly special voices that you hear for the first time and think: 'Yep, we have a superstar', and you know it's simply a matter of time before they're lighting up stages and radio stations all over the world. Ramsey, based in LA, writes deeply emotive lyrics and delivers them with such raw intensity that you're forced to take notice and focus in on every word. With her powerful vocals layered over dark, jagged self-produced electronica; Ramsey has found a winning formula that's going to land her at the top of the list of up and coming producer/singers. We caught up with Ramsey to chat about what it is that makes her music so hard-hitting and to find out what's next for the 20-year-old talent.

For such a young woman, coming from a city of glitz and glamour, your music and voice are extremely raw and powerful, how would you describe your sound?

Dark, experimental electronic pop.

Your lyrics are very sophisticated; have you always been more mature or a deep thinker that helps you with your song writing?

I just write what comes to mind and is moving me at the moment. Sometimes that comes across in deep and analytical lyrics. Other times it’s about capturing a mood.

Without sounding cliché, your songs seem to keep it real, I can hear that in every song. Is that what you want your music to tap into with audiences?

Music should move people and make them feel something, but for me it should also be a release. If my music helps me to release something and allows my audience to feel something, whatever that feeling may be, it makes me happy.

Looking forward, what’s next for you? An LP or debut album?

I will be releasing the video for See You Bleed very soon, to be followed by an EP later this summer.

Is there anyone you’d like to collab with?

I’m really enjoying working on my own at the moment, but there are certainly dream collaborations. Maybe Feist.

Are you playing any gigs or touring in the next few months?

We’re working on creating several pop up shows over the summer that’ll be full immersive live experiences for fans. I’ll be giving hints as to dates and locations on my socials very soon.

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