Enschway and Yeah Boy interview each other in celebration of their new collab, Over U

Enschway and Yeah Boy interview each other in celebration of their new collab, Over U

The Sweat It Out heavy-hitter teams up with the former Parachute Youth vocalist for a large-scale collaboration.

A collaboration between Enschway and Yeah Boy brings together two of our favourite sides of Australian electronica. Enschway represents the recent, post-Flume rising of synth-saturated heavy-hitters and then there's Yeah Boy, who used to be one-half legendary Adelaide electronic duo Parachute Youth (the ones responsible for this huge banger back in 2011 which to be honest, I still rinse regularly). Over U brings together the two parties a hell of a lot smoother than it may appear on paper, with Enschway crafting a quick-firing, synth-soaked production which pulses underneath Johnny's (Yeah Boy) catchy, radio-friendly vocals. It's definitely not as heavy as some of Enschway's previous stuff which I think works really well on this occasion, keeping things light and refreshing.

In celebration of the collaboration - out now through Sweat It Out - we got Enschway and Yeah Boy to flick a couple of questions at each other. Have a gaze at their brief conversation below, preferably while you listen to the energetic single above.

Enschway: Yo Johnny, fkn excited for this track to finally come out, been a while hey. How are you feeling about it?

Yeah Boy: Yooo Nic! I must say I’m rather pumped! Been a while since that day we wrote it in Sydney while I ate a super sized pack of wafer sticks… good day!

Enschway: Every time l listen it makes me feel nostalgic, on that, are there any songs that make you feel super nostalgic?

Yeah Boy: Right there with ya, I’m still listening to it and loving it 5000 times in. Hmmm, I’d have to say Bloc Party’s Flux does itY for me bro! :)

Enschway: You had the name Yeah Boy before the ‘yeaaaaaa boiiii’ meme starting popping off. How do you feel after the meme rose to its fame?

Yeah Boy: Haha well I'd have to say a big thanks to that kid for the video/memes for all the free marketing he’s giving me :)

Yeah Boy: Name your top 3 favourite compositions done by yourself. Our track should obviously be included yes? ;)

Enschway: It’s kinda weird to actually think about ranking it hey, but I'd have to say:

3. Enschway x Perto - Lose It. This one isn’t out yet, but it definitely makes the top 3. I’ve been playing it out a lot and it’s a track that gets one of the best reactions.

2. I’ll Wait

1. And of course… Over U!

Yeah Boy: At what stage of your life did you make the decision that you’d drop everything and pursue music full time?

Enschway: I used to study construction management. One day I took an exam and didn't understand half the questions and was just like yeah fuck this… Dropped it and dedicated the rest of my time to music.

Yeah Boy: How many times will you change the bloody colour of your hair? If you lose a game of ping pong against me, will you go full pink?

Enschway: I like to change it once a month.... if u win you can shave it off :)

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