Demon Days & First Beige interview each other ahead of co-headline tour

Demon Days & First Beige interview each other ahead of co-headline tour

Two of the country's most exciting names in the indie-electronic-neo-soul world unite on tour, and over the internet.

Pushed into the spotlight through heavyweights including Melbourne's Harvey Sutherland, it's hard to deny that Australia's neo-soul world is one of the country's brightest - and most adventurous - pockets of music. There are acts - Melbourne's 30/70, for example - that navigate this twisting combination of 80s disco and groove-filled funk, while other acts - Perth highlights Demon Days among them - include this funk stomp in layers of jazz, indie and R&B; enchanting vocals often finding themselves intertwined with soft grooves and rich, thickly-layered melodies.

It's a genre on the rise full of exciting up and comers, and joining Demon Days within this realm - a band just beginning to make their national break-out after spending the last little while becoming one of Perth's essential live acts - is First Beige, a Brisbane-based group doing a lot right as they share a consistent stream of singles - capped by August's Desire - among the sub-genre's best. "Desire is four-minutes of that signature First Beige charm, with intricate melodies all falling into place amongst each other to give a jigsaw of funk grooves, allowing complexity without feeling too overwhelming," we said on their latest track.

Together, Demon Days and First Beige are two acts exploring the limits of this enchanting neo-soul sound in very different ways, taking it to areas unexplored amongst the Australian live scene - areas more jazz-centric or dance-y, depending on what release you're talking about - while they showcase their respective signature charms and grace, something that both bands have been presenting as they climb their way into a national break-out.

It should be no surprise then, to see the two bright stars of the future come together on a national, co-headline tour. Kicking off tomorrow in Hobart, the tour will take Demon Days and First Beige across the country - Melbourne, Newcastle, Sydney and Brisbane; the latter a part of the Hidden Lanes Festival - over October, meaning that those who haven't been able to catch the two forces live, might finally get a shot too. 

"A bunch of us saw Demon Days perform last year at Bigsound and were blown away, so much energy and it was so effortless. Later on in the year, we were both were playing at Jungle Love Festival so we had a chat to them after our set and said hi and instantly bonded over music and stupid memes," First Beige say on their tour partners, a sentiment Demon Days give right back: "We got the chance to meet them at Jungle Love Festival last year and we hit it off instantly. I think there is a somewhat unspoken bond between Brisbane and Perth musicians as we are often overlooked and come from similar small city vibes."

You can find the full dates below, but to celebrate, we've got the two bands to have a little chat to one another, talking... a whole bunch of stuff... and getting us keen to see them do their things. Dive into it all now:

Demon Days interview First Beige:

Rank in order of best to worst: Maccas, Hungry Jacks, KFC, Chicken Treat, Reddy Roos.

Hungry Jacks, KFC, Maccas, Chicken Treat, Cluckin' Bell

In a fight of two people of equal skill and inebriation, one of which wields a knife, and the other a bat, who do you think wins?

I think a bat, because they would have more range and can swing it real good. If it's Thanos however that's a different story.

If you were a kong what kong would you be: donkey kong, diddy kong, funky kong, lanky kong, tiny kong or wrinkly kong.

Pretty Loyal to Metal Mario but, Funky Kong for sure.

Hey you guys should come to Perth and play Seance Sleepover Club sometime... haha just kidding... I mean if you wanted... nah haha, unless?

We is coming, It gon happen.

Can we get a ratthew update?

Yeah he's going well, he is pretty cute these days he's getting to his older stage in their life so all he wants to do is just nap all day and lie around. Very cuuute.

First Beige interview Demon Days:

Who would win in a fight, Perth or Thanos?

Perth’s sheer sense of community could overcome any intergalactic maniac that comes our way.

Has Marley learnt the Monsters Inc song bass line yet?

He indeed learnt it through n through but now does not possess the ability to remember it. He assures you that he will get back in the shed and re-learn before the tour commences.

Least favourite type of car?

Least favourite type of car is a Toyota Yaris uber car which won't fit Josh’s keyboard.

If you were making a pizza what would be on it?

If we were making a pizza it would have nduja, melanzane, artichoke hearts and fresh basil cause it goes hard in the paint.

We may or may not be cooking up some pizzas for an event soon ;)

Best form of fried potato?

Potato Smileys obviously! 50c for a pack of 6 in the day at the school canteen! Can't beat that. (extra 10c for a tommy sauce to really cover the food groups)

Tour Dates:

Friday, 11th October 2019 @ Altar Bar, Hobart – TAS

Saturday, 12th October 2019 @ The Night Cat, Melbourne – VIC

Friday, 18th October 2019 @ The Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle - NSW

Saturday, 19th October 2019 @ Oxford Art Factory Birthday show, Sydney – NSW

Saturday, 26th October 2019 @ Hidden Lanes Festival, Brisbane – QLD

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