Astral People's Guide To Throwing A Good Party Outside Of A Club

Astral People's Guide To Throwing A Good Party Outside Of A Club

Celebrating their fourth birthday party in an underground carpark, Astral People offer a handy guide on how to do it right.

One of our favourite crews in the country - Astral People are about to celebrate turning four year's old with a mammoth underground carpark party this weekend. And they've got very good reason to celebrate, since abandoning their day jobs in the pursuit of something different within the Australian music scene, they've seen a small initial roster of acts expand into a home for over 25 emerging artists whilst creating a community in which they can flourish within. And the lineup for their birthday party on Sunday is testament to that. Check it out below, click the poster down the bottom to go through to the FB event (or just get tickets HERE), and cop five very handy tips for taking that rave out of the club, and into new and exciting realms:



astral people underground

We aim to find unique spaces that aren't generally used for music events, so as to create a strong point of difference and provide a change in atmosphere to your standard club experience. By speaking to heaps of different people new opportunities keep on popping up. It's easy to come up with the idea or venue - the execution is the hard part that requires months of work and persistence.


Hands down the most important one, the music curation of an outdoor party dictates the whole vibe of the party. This is why say with SUMMER DANCE we normally book acts that are known for genres like Chicago House and UK Garage. Not too serious and suites that particular environment and setting.


astral people sound

There is no point in putting on an event anywhere if the sound is not going to be up to scratch. Sure, sometimes doing a party in a unique location might force sound limitations on your events and you might have to compromise a bit, but you have to know how to get the most out of the space you're in i.e. careful positioning of the soundsystem and stage.


astral people beer

We work closely with our bar and food staff to try create a good mix of options. As everything is portable, this is a bit more of the challenge but the food and drinks menu is something that again has to go hand in hand with the context of the event, i.e. food that is easy to eat (and not too messy), and value for money drinks along with more upper-tier products for those like like to keep it classy aka Ben Fester ;) 


astral people fun

We have a great team that works around us (shouts to Adrian, Glen, Gareth and Joe!) to make sure we pick partners who share a similar vision to our's and uphold the level of professionalism and execution that we pride ourselves on. The message that you're trying to get across to the general punter is sometimes the hardest thing to get right and our creative partners play a big role in getting this done right and articulated in the best manner possible.

astral people bday lineup

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