LA duo Ardency walk us through their new EP, The Ones That Miss Me

LA duo Ardency walk us through their new EP, The Ones That Miss Me

The five-track release is out now through taste-making heavyweights Majestic Casual Records.

LA electronic duo Ardency are an act popping up on radars at the moment, and for a good reason too. Their new EP The Ones That Miss Me - our now through Majestic Casual Records - combine the worlds of organic and synthetic instrumentation at ease, matching maximalist, nostalgic synth lines semi-reminiscent of Stranger Things theme-makers S U R V I V E (like on Bloom, for example) and crisp percussion with subtle guitar work and whispers of vocal. It's very relaxed and subdued, the perfect accompaniment to the start of the week, and you should definitely check it out below alongside their track-by-track walkthrough of the EP:

Bad Moon

Bad Moon is the last song we wrote for the EP, and it's written about the varying emotional phases within prolonged sadness. Most directly, it speaks about finding the kind of person, or thing, that forces comfort back into your life -- finding happiness after a rather dark time and letting that happiness consume you.


Of all the songs on the record, Sucker really seemed to come together the easiest. It’s rare that we have ideas develop so quickly; but for this one, the greater part of the structure and lyrics were all realized in the first session. This one is really special for us because it’s the song that we open our live sets with, and it cements the emotional tones for the show.


The EP as a whole covers variant aspects of traumatic experience, and Bloom is symbolic of the darkest - it addresses topics like self-anguish and emotional collapse.

Sorry I’m Late (Interlude)

We write most of our music with consideration of what experience it will create in a live setting. Sorry I’m Late is one that we wrote specifically to be able to jam on. We have a longer version for performances, and we both have solos in it; it’s a lot of fun.

The Ones That Miss Me

The Ones That Miss Me is a song of introspection. Though the EP was written through a prolonged course of sadness, we found resolution in writing this. Art is therapeutic for us, and this was certainly a song that helped come to grips with a lot of our negative emotions at the time.

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