Watch: Fazerdaze - Break!

Watch: Fazerdaze - Break!

Beloved New Zealand artist announces first project in five years, shares video for EP title track

Image Credit: Joey Clough

After dropping her first single in half a decade a month ago, our prayers for more new Fazerdaze music have today been answered with the announcement of new EP Break!, alongside the title track single and frenetic, location and palette swapping music video.

Fusing elements of 90s grunge with modern indie rock goodness, Break! comes alongside an appropriately grungey handycam shot music video that features Amelia Murray AKA Fazerdaze performing in a variety of locations from a beach to a laundromat, a luscious grassed area to a dim pink lit room.

Coming off the back of a period of burnout and writer's block, of the new single and EP Murray says "I wish I had broken earlier because it was one of the truest things I ever did for myself. This EP is about finally allowing myself to give up. It’s about severing from the people in my life that weren’t good for me, and ditching the false parts of myself that were conditioned and not authentic. It’s everything I wasn’t allowing myself to feel over the past few years; angry, disappointed, cynical, exhausted and over it."

Fazerdaze’s new EP Break! is out October 14 via Section1

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