Track x Track: Stacey Ann - 'A Change In The Wind'

Track x Track: Stacey Ann - 'A Change In The Wind'

Boorloo/Perth-based singer-songwriter takes us through her debut EP of soulful indie-pop, track by track

Image credit: Howie Ng

Chronicling her coming of age in aural format is Stacey Ann, whose debut EP A Change In The Wind sees her exploring themes of love, loss, friendships and growth as she closes the adolescent chapter of her life.

Across five tracks that touch on blues and alt-folk influences in a melodic and catchy indie-pop package, Stacey reflects on the last five or so years of her life in an intimate, open and relatable manner, maintaining a sense of optimism when tackling difficult topics.

Speaking on her debut EP, Stacey explains "This EP has been the biggest and most exciting project I've been able to work on so far, and over the last year my incredible band and I have been in the studio putting it together, layer by layer. I am thrilled to finally be able to put it out in the world and I am so proud of this body of work.

'A Change In The Wind' is a closing chapter of the coming of age and self-discovery journey of my adolescence. It represents the heartbreak, loss, love, growth and friendship that encompassed the last 5 years of my life. The release of this EP feels like a new beginning and the opening of the next chapter in my journey."

With the EP out now and a launch on April 6 at Lyrics Underground in Maylands, Stacey was kind enough to take us through A Change In The Wind, track by track:


I wrote ‘April’ as a testament to new love, which embodies the captivating feeling of existing in love’s glow. It’s about embracing what feels good after a turbulent fall from the other. Lyrically, this song captures the feeling of accepting love after heartbreak and the butterflies that come with letting someone in. It’s the nervy feeling that fills your whole body, from your arms to your legs.


‘Daughter’ is about the feeling of not belonging and being outcast in your own space. I wrote it whilst dealing with coming out to those close to me and coping with the feeling of being rejected and let down in the process. I wanted to share this song to remind people that they are not alone in their journey and that there is always a safe and accepting space ready to welcome you.


This song flowed out of me after ending a toxic relationship with someone. They were dealing with issues relating to substance abuse and I came to the realisation that I was holding onto something that wasn’t good for me. The writing process of this song was quite a healing one for me as it really helped me to move on and let go of the heartache and anxiety that had begun to consume me.

Silver Lining

I wrote this song during covid lockdowns when I was active on dating apps, about the strangeness of feeling fond of someone that you’ve never met, and how more often than not, they end up letting you down and wasting your time. Lyrically, this song reflects how strong our imaginations can be and how we can paint a picture of perfection in a someone that probably isn’t real.


‘Ripples’ is about acknowledging how powerful friendships can be and emphasises how important it is to surround yourself with positive people, and how when this happens, it creates ripple effects in other areas of your life, too. This song holds a place of gratitude for the loving, strong and unconditional friendships that surround me. I wanted it to be a song that resonated with a lot of people and, in this, act as a reminder that we can often underestimate how far our good friendships can take us when times are tough.

          - Stacey Ann, March 2024

EP Cover Art A Change In The Wind Stacey Ann Credit Howie Ng

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