Track By Track: Jet City Sports Club - 'Every Single Dream' EP

Track By Track: Jet City Sports Club - 'Every Single Dream' EP

With their eagerly awaited sophomore EP more than living up to expectations, Sydney/Eora indie-pop trio take us through their new release, track by track

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After a big build up of awesome singles, including Green Thumb (that we premiered ahead of release), and more recently Sunny Morning (that made our 10 Best Music Videos of the Week), Jet City Sports Club’s new EP Every Single Dream is finally here and lives up to its name being a dreamy journey through indie pop and rock sounds.

A nostalgic and honest record, Every Single Dream sees JCSC looking back on their journey as a band so far as they reflect on memories and the opportunities they’ve had, all through a lens of positivity and genuine gratitude. Bringing the record to life, the band teamed up with renowned producer Fletcher Matthews (The Buoys, RAAVE TAPES, Stumps) to perfectly capture their sounds.

Speaking on their new record, the band explains “The new EP is a collection of songs that are extensions of us, and the experiences being in this band has created. We named it Every Single Dream as it’s a bit ambiguous, and people can attach their meaning to it when they’ve heard the songs and made their own relationship with the EP. It also has a sort of second meaning where we see this band as a vehicle to accomplish every single one of our dreams.”

To celebrate the release of Every Single Dream, JCSC were kind enough to take us through it, track by track:

Sunny Morning

Sunny Morning is one of the highlights of the EP for us, as it captures a lot of the feeling of what the last year brought to us as a band. Whilst we love writing more complex and introspective songs like Chamomile and My Everything it’s still right in our wheelhouse to make summery anthems that just reflect the good times we’ve had since joining this band. It’s an ode to the summer and all our friends really.

Drug Store (Waste My Time)

This was the first track we released in 2023 and it felt so good to have it out. Drug Store is somewhat a return to our earlier days, a bit heavier at times like our first single ‘Bloodhounds’ but the production is more like our newer music which is really cool. We actually just grew closer to this song over the weekend before writing this, as we played it in Newcastle supporting Ruby Fields and heaps of people were singing the words, which was really special.


“Chamomile" is sweet indie pop that meets grunge, and has a nostalgic melody that explores themes of love, mundane bliss and soaking in the sunshine. The song embodies leaving the real world for a little while and appreciating all the small things. This song came together in a real organic and personal way, and we think that shows through the production.

My Everything

The way the lyrics hit feel really emotional. The song was born from a dream Lilla had but the way the lyrics evolved into becoming a beautiful story of everyday love, with lines reflecting the small yet intimate parts of a relationship like “pick up pizza on the way home, let’s watch our TV show” and “call me when you get home safely”. It feels like a window into something everyone’s experienced in love, whether that’s with a partner, friend or family etc.

Green Thumb

This song was special to us and felt it belonged on this EP as it was sort of the beginning of the new chapter, when we started working with Fletcher Matthews and shaping our sound to something we thought fit better for where we were heading. It’s another summery love song, like people have come to expect from us but has a deeper meaning of making sure to take care of the things you love.

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Jet City Sports Club's new EP Every Single Dream is out now


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