Introducing The Beths, your new favourite Middle Earth-based band

Introducing The Beths, your new favourite Middle Earth-based band

Their new single Future Me Hates Me is an absolute charmer.

Auckland, New Zealand-based guitar-pop four-piece The Beths have just signed up with the cool peeps at Dew Process Records to drop their forthcoming debut album down our way on August 10. And they've recently dropped the rad new video clip for said album's title track, Future Me Hates Me. With charismatic frontwoman Liz Stokes leading the charge with a breezy, relatable vocal delivery, the fuzzy guitars and infectious energy of the full band makes for a winning combination.

And in the interest of helping Australians get acquainted, we sent a few questions off to get to know 'em a little before that album drops - check it out below:

Tell us about yourselves?

We are four musicians from Auckland, New Zealand. Liz on lead vocal and guitar, Jonathan on guitar, Ben on bass, and Ivan on drums. And we all do BVs.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

We play songs! I guess think guitar-pop/pop-punk/indie. But mainly think songs, that’s what we worry over most.

Production/writing process:

Generally I (Liz) bring in demos recorded on my laptop, which will have the song, the structure and backing vocal parts on. Then we arrange the song fully as a group and play it live a few times to get a feel for what works. Writing wise, I usually start with lyrics and melodic hooks and fill the song out harmonically afterwards.

Can you tell us about your single, Future Me Hates Me, and the album from which it comes?

We’ve been working on this album since we put the EP out in 2016. Jonathan recorded the record at his studio in Auckland. Most of the songs we had been playing already, but there are a couple songs that we recorded without having played them live, which is a new experience for us. The song Future Me Hates Me I wrote in 2016 I think. I was out of a long term relationship and on my own for the first time and constantly fighting with myself about whether to start something new or not. Logic versus optimism.

Any shows coming up?

We are just finishing up our first US tour, played in Chicago last night and are playing in San Francisco and Los Angeles before we head back to Europe for one more show in Spain.

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

Our album will be out on Carpark Records on August 10th. Once it is out in the world we’ll be back touring the US and Europe again, before heading home in time for summer back home in the Southern Hemisphere :)

Where can we hear more of your music?

We are in the usual places! Two songs from the new record are out on Spotify, Apple, Bandcamp, Youtube, Soundcloud...everything. And our 2016 EP is everywhere too if you feel like giving it a hoon.


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