Say hello to Milkpunch and their debut video clip for new single, Iced Tea

Say hello to Milkpunch and their debut video clip for new single, Iced Tea

Bringing some synthy surf rock from the beaches of Brazil to Sydney.

Milkpunch is the project of Brazilian singer/songwriter Raf Lima, who emigrated to Sydney at 16 packing a wealth of influences including Waaves, Ty Segall and Mac Demarco. Earlier this year he released an EP called Junk Pop with his merry band of mates, and they just put out a video clip for one of its singles, Iced Tea. We're into all of it, so flung a few questions their way to find out more:

Tell us about about yourselves?

Hi, Raf and Liam here, I sing and play the guitar and Liam plays the bass, also occasionally shouts. I started making songs back in my hometown Brasília, Brazil, after seeing a tarot card on the ground on a sunny Wednesday afternoon, it meant "start something new". Recorded a few demos, then moved to Sydney in order to pursue it more seriously. Somehow, through the magic of Gumtree, I met Liam Keenan, also the rest of the band: Jo, the drummer and Sam, the synth man. The name comes from a cocktail drink.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

We make fuzz-pop music that smells a bit like incense. Our debut EP, Junk Pop, consists of six songs that sound fairly different from one another, as they were written in a period of two years. The EP was released in July this year.

Production/writing process:

I had a bunch of ideas recorded on my Voice Memos, so once we decided to release an EP I forced myself to sit down every night and try to structure those ideas into songs. I wrote the basics on Guitar Pro, then figured out the layers recording into a tape recorder, then mumbled melodies until something good came out. For the lyrics, I tried some magic herbs but they would just make me too sleepy, so I wrote them all with a clear mind. I recorded the guitars, vocals and percussion in my bedroom and bass in one of my school's music rooms at the time, they had some great amps. The drums are midi.

Can you tell us about your new single, Iced Tea?

Iced Tea is about when you get a bit annoyed at yourself, in a good way, so you work towards self improvement and blah blah. It's not that deep, that’s why it’s called Iced Tea. We picked it to be the single because it pretty much sums up how the whole EP sounds like, and it has some fun chimes on it. Very lucky for us, we got to make a music video with Stupid Genius - Nick and Nath, video expertos, with lots of color and devon.

Any shows coming up?

There will be a house show pretty soon before our drummer goes away for a nice travel, then after that, early November we'll focus on playing non-stop. Details about the house show to be announced.

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

We watched that documentary about Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Dandy Warhols a few weeks ago and got pretty inspired, so we might add another guitarist and percussionist, see how being a mystical super group works out. We already started writing new stuff which will probably be finished by early next year, so for this year, we'll gig.

Where can we hear more of your music?


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