Meet: Karin Ann - You Make Me Miserable

Meet: Karin Ann - You Make Me Miserable

Get to know the 20-year-old Slovakian wunderkind and her addictively catchy new single

Coming in hot as a new Gen Z idol of Eastern Europe and champion of LGBTQ+ and diversity is Slovakia’s Karin Ann, who in between taking her live shows on the road all around Europe this year has found time to drop her new single, You Make Me Miserable.

An undeniably catchy listen from start to finish, You Make Me Miserable combines high energy pop-punk with nostalgic 80s influences, while lyrically dealing with the painful realisation that an exciting new love may not be what it appears to be.

Featuring a music video that documents Ann’s live shows over the last few months, Karin explains I didn’t really want to do a narrative music video with this song. It’s very upbeat and fun and I wanted the video to have the same energy. I love the people that support me and this is a little bit of a tribute to them because there are some great moments captured in the video.”

With You Make Me Miserable out now, we got to know Karin a little better - check out the music video and meet Karin Ann below!

Tell us about yourself? 

I’m Karin Ann, i’m 20 years old, i currently reside between slovakia and england and i like to hang out with my pets, i like to draw, i like fashion and a bunch of other things.

When and why did you start writing/recording/performing music?

I wrote my first song when i was 14/15 and i wrote it just to make sense of what was going on in my head and from there the rest followed.

Tell us about your creative process? 

It’s always a mess and it never follows the same pattern haha.

What inspires you to create?

Life, my life, my friends lives or things i see going on in the world.

Tell us about your new single You Make Me Miserable?

There was a guy i really liked and i thought he really liked me, things seemed to be going great and then i found out he had a girlfriend the whole time.

How can fans best support your music?

Stream it, share it and buy merch hahaha.

What's coming up for the rest of the year?

A few shows, some song releases, i’m kinda just taking things day by day 

What have you been listening to lately?

Lots of 80’s music

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