Premiere: Scarlet Drive are taking a break, say goodbye with Ghosted

Premiere: Scarlet Drive are taking a break, say goodbye with Ghosted

Their last song before a temporary hiatus arrives ahead of a launch show next week at Jack Rabbit Slim's.

Over the last three years, Perth-based indie-rock trio Scarlet Drive have built themselves a name as a go-to for shimmering indie on the west coast, crafting themselves a status both in recording and on the live circuit with a bunch of shows and a tidy collection of releases, including last year's sound-ranging Echoes Of Apprehension EP. Premiering on Pilerats, it was a six-track introduction to the band that's since been expanded on and fleshed out further - their single I Just Think That You're Cute being an example of such - with a bright future expected for a band brimming with promise.

Now, the band are reaching a crossroad of sorts. Their long-time bassist Maddey Eccleston is about to leave the group (they'll be leaving after their final show next week), to be replaced by two new members (bassist Sebastian Fazzari and drummer Conor Warrilow) which make the band a bit bigger than what it used to be. They're also taking a bit of time off to deal with the changes and refine their work, calling a temporary hiatus that'll come into effect after a show at Jack Rabbit Slim's on Friday, October 18th: a launch show for Ghosted, premiering today.

Ghosted is a long-winding journey away from last year's introductory EP, revisiting the ska-infused, light-hearted sounds that defined the band in their earlier years. I Just Think That You're Cute's soft romanticism has also seemingly disappeared, left with a lyrically-witty longing for someone who never gets around to messaging you back: the classic ghosting manoeuver. "Ghosted really pokes fun at how normal it is for us to just drop off the face of the earth when talking to someone these days," says guitarist Michael Madafferi on the track. "We really got to go crazy with the full spectrum of our influences from ska to rock and inject it with real experiences amongst many laughs between us."

You can grab tickets to Ghosted's launch show at Jack Rabbit Slim's next week HERE, but in the meantime, dive into the track below and have a think about all the people that's left you high and dry over the years:

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