Premiere: Sash Seabourne - Hinterland

Premiere: Sash Seabourne - Hinterland

Award-winning West Aussie singer-songwriter delivers emotional new single of rousing folk rock ahead of national tour - take a first listen

Sash Seabourne has had a big 2023. This year has seen Margaret River-born, Fremantle-based singer, songwriter and guitarist spread his wings and receive a diverse range of accolades including winning his first WAM Song of the Year Award for best Blues & Roots song, being named a triple j unearthed artist to watch and even making the top 10 of Australian Idol, Sash has been a busy young man.

After recently dropping lead single White Horses, the title track from his forthcoming EP, Seabourne is back with his latest single Hinterland, out October 20 but premiering on Pilerats today.

An intimate and emotional cut, Hinterland pairs tender guitar plucks with poignant piano flourishes and a laid back yet commanding rhythm section, while Sash’s stunning vocals detail the difficulties of maintaining a relationship while chasing your dreams.

Seabourne explains “It explores the end of a relationship that ultimately failed due to my lifestyle as a touring musician. When your dream becomes the most important thing in your life, your personal relationships will often suffer. I was with someone I was completely enamoured with, but I knew she was growing frustrated with my frequent travelling and how I could often seem distant when obsessing over music. Eventually she ended things.

This song is expressing the love and care I still have for this person. We’ve learnt to be great friends in the time since. We grew together and I’ve learnt I need to be with someone who’s independent and comfortable with loving me from a distance when I’m out doing the thing I feel is my purpose.

To celebrate the release of Hinterland, as well as premiering his new single, we checked in with Sash Seabourne as hea gears up for a run of east coast dates - have a listen and get to know:

Congrats on winning a WAM Song of the Year Award this year for best Blues & Roots song with Receiver - what does an award like that mean for you?

It was huge. I really had no expectations on the night, but it felt so cool to be recognised in the WA music scene and be acknowledged alongside so many other WA bands that inspire me.

You made it to the top 10 of Australian Idol this year  - WILD - what were the highs and lows of that experience?

It was the weirdest thing I've ever done. I felt like a fish out of water coming from an Indie music background, but I actually loved the live shows and playing in front of that many people was a rush. Doing something so high pressure on my own forced me to build a stronger mentality and self-belief. I feel very fortunate to have made it as far as I did.

Did this have any impact on your songwriting or creative process?

It made me miss writing and touring my own music, plus I had a glimpse into the major label world and that path is not for me. I'm proud to be 100% independent.

You’re working on an acoustic body of work - what led to you wanting to unplug for this project?

I just wanted to do the least TV thing possible. Making a raw and authentic acoustic record felt like the antidote to the superficial "lights and cameras" thing. I wanted to put myself forward as an individual and be honest.

Tell us about your new single Hinterland?

This song is about the slow process of coming back into your own energy after parting ways with a lover. It attempts to capture the feelings of denial, restlessness, and eventual acceptance of heartache in the wake of someone you’ve learnt to co-exist with.

How would you describe your forthcoming EP White Horses?

I recorded these songs with my mate Tom Boerama at his house in Margaret River. I played all the instruments myself. It's a record about growing up, the place I'm from and cultivating a better relationship with myself after a tumultuous upbringing.

What are you most excited about for your upcoming Australian tour? What can crowds expect from your sets?

Solo acoustic has been my MO this year! These shows will be intimate and sincere. I want to show people the real Sash.

Is there anything else you’re cooking up you’d like to share with us?

I'm excited to have a few band shows in WA coming up. Catch us at Hoot Fest Nov 19, FAC Sunday Music Feb 25 and Nannup Festival March 3rd!

What have you been listening to lately?

Jem Cassar-Daley. She's the next big thing.

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Sash Seabourne's new single Hinterland is out October 19

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