Premiere: 2021 break-outs Ra Ra Viper end on a high with their new single, Sometime

Premiere: 2021 break-outs Ra Ra Viper end on a high with their new single, Sometime

Returning a few months following their debut EP Kawaii, the Perth band close their year on a big high and a new single.

It's been a big year for Ra Ra Viper. After forming at the tail-end of 2018, the Fremantle-based five-piece kicked things into gear with a combo of breakthrough songs in 2020; Taste, Paddy and Swanny Beach setting the tone for things to come, as the band introduced their distinctively West Australian-textured alt-rock to the world. Then, came the release of the band's debut EP Kawaii in June this year, as a four-strong collection of tracks that welcomed Ra Ra Viper into the indie-rock canon, setting themselves up for a busy second half of the year on the live stage.

It's through Kawaii and their work since that Ra Ra Viper have dominated, stepping up from an exciting newcomer at the start of the year to an act bordering on a breakthrough beyond their current West Australian confines, with every move teetering them closer to that boundary. They've become a go-to force on the live stage supporting Perth favourites amongst sold-out shows on their own, while in recording, their Kawaii EP seemed to encapsulate everything they have going for them; a one-stop-shop into the brightness of the band's future.

Now, we get an exciting new taste of what's coming beyond their debut EP, as Ra Ra Viper end their 2021 on a high note and have their sights set on what's next. It's a single that kicks into gear from the get-go, picking up where Kawaii's tracks left off as Ra Ra Viper deepen their alt-rock sound and look at widening it with new tones and textures, plucked from garage-rock/indie-pop's greater umbrella. 

That's perhaps where Sometime's real sense of brilliance comes from, as it ends out Ra Ra Viper's year by looking forwards, and showing how they continue to evolve and experiment with their sound in the material that's come following their debut EP. "We are really proud of how the track turned out," the band write on social media, and so they should; Sometime feels like Ra Ra Viper hitting an invigorated new peak, and with plenty more no doubt to come, it feels like the next step in a trajectory curve only pointing upwards.

Before all of that happens, however, take a dive into Sometime as we premiere it ahead of its official release tomorrow (November 12th), and catch their forthcoming tour dates underneath that (pssst, you might also want to circle December 3rd in your diary for another Perth CBD show too - more on that shortly).

Tour Dates: 

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