Introducing Desperada, a Brissy alt-rock trio who just dropped their debut single, Gentle Bones

Introducing Desperada, a Brissy alt-rock trio who just dropped their debut single, Gentle Bones

It comes from their to-be-released debut album, Born Not Raised.

"Somewhere between Paul Kelly and Break Even," is how newly formed Brisbane outfit Desperada describe themselves, and it's probably the best description we've heard for a band this year. And if you're a fan of emotion-fueld alt/punk-rock in the vein of Smith Street, Luca Brasi and The Getaway Plan, you'll find plenty to love in their debut single Gentle Bones.

It comes from their 2019-due debut album Born Not Raised, a release they're proud of, "we have a poured our hearts into it." Call us suckers for a bit of the sentimental, but true blue Aussie earnestness ticks all the right boxes for us - check out the track and get to know 'em a little better below:

Tell us about yourselves?

Desperada is a newly formed three-piece rock band based out of Brisbane. Lachy Walker (drums), Enrico Le Mura (Bass) and myself (Joe Jackson) each grew up in different parts of Queensland and had all previously met playing in heavier bands. After arriving in Brisbane we knew that we wanted to put something together a little more rock sounding and that our mates and parents alike could both listen to.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

Our sound is influenced by our love for early Australian rock music (Aussie Crawl, Hunters & Collects etc) but has flavours of our years back in the heavier music scene. So I guess you could say somewhere between Paul Kelly and Break Even. Lyrically our songs draw from a range of topics from personal experiences to stories of people from our hometowns.

Any shows coming up? 

At this stage we are yet to book our first shows but are looking forward to performing these songs live before the year is through (Stay tuned on our socials for details).

Can you tell us about your new single:

The single in particular I wrote in my old shitty furniture-less apartment in East Brisbane. The first line of Gentle Bones is a reference to an old John Williamson song, Raining On The Rock. My grandparents took me to see Williamson as a kid and this is a bit of nod back to our love for Australia and its music.

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

We can't wait to share our music with as many people as we can before calling it stumps on 2018. Born Not Raised our debut full length is set to be released early 2019.

Where can we hear more of your music?

Gentle Bones is available on Apple Music/Spotify/Unearthed/YouTube

Follow Desperada: FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM

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