Premiere: MOBS continue their break-out year with new single, Big World

Premiere: MOBS continue their break-out year with new single, Big World

In the wake of a stand-out year full of highlights, the Melbourne indie-rock band continue to soar.

While the band have been amongst the emerging Melbourne indie-pop band scene for a few years now, it's fairly safe to say that 2019 has been MOBS' break-out year. They began the year by signing to Rude Records (The Maine, Less Than Jake, Set It Off, Blood Youth) and reissuing their debut EP Bad Love in February, which they've since followed up with another craftful introduction to the band and their changing sound with another four-track release You Want Beauty? sometime later. They've supported Stand Atlantic and Never Say Never; been hand-picked to perform UK talent-discovery festival The Great Escape next year; and are booked for Sydney's Summerfest Festival next month - the list goes on, and on, and on.

It's not too hard to understand their charm, however. You Want Beauty?, their second EP, was lush with jangly indie-pop that takes notes from the 80s synth-pop nostalgia and twists it with layered guitars and forward-thinking experimentalism. They're - somehow - nostalgic for the lushness of the past, yet simultaneously perfectly fitting for 2019 - a difficult balance that over the years, the band have become better and better at cementing as their craft.

As bass player Scott MacDougall mentions, the band's nostalgic pop sound is something they're really trying to showcase with their new work: "The nostalgic pop sound that we have created is something that we have been working on for a long time and it’s amazing that we have the opportunity to take these songs overseas and showcase them to people on the other side of the world," he says.

Their latest single and first since You Want Beauty? doubles down on this with great fashion. Uniting dizzying synth snaps with haziness and subtlety that shines as the single navigates its natural ebbs and flows, Big World is perhaps the most obvious attempt at the band's unique twist of 2019-dated 80s music; the synth melodies that riddle amongst its funk grooves and hook-y choruses plucked straight out of an old-school electro-pop delight only brought forward into the future.

"Big World is based on the movie Honey I Shrunk The Kids," says lead vocalist Jordan Clarey on the single, noting its strange inspiration. "I decided to base it on the subtle romance playing out throughout the movie, but more so taking the concept of feeling small in a big world, and overcoming life struggles with someone by your side no matter the odds."

There's plenty more to come from the group, but for now, dive into Big World below ahead of its release this Friday, and pre-save the single HERE.


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