Premiere: Meet DYER MAKER, who share a new video clip ahead of their new EP release

Premiere: Meet DYER MAKER, who share a new video clip ahead of their new EP release

The New South Wales alt-rock group share their third EP, It's Hard To Know, this Friday.

If you're yet to make yourself familiar, DYER MAKER are a New South Wales-based five-piece specialising in this jangly surf-rock sound currently blossoming in Australia, mixing summery guitar grooves and this energy charismatic of the genre with a slight reggae-infused edge, exploring an intersection of indie-rock that really feels like an extension of what's occurring nationally at the moment. It's a sound the group have been fleshing out for much of the last little while, their last EP - 2018's The Rich, the Lost, the Wet. – being the latest attempt at breaking down this multi-faceted, genre-binding sound, and it's something that's bound to be showcased front and centre in the latter half of 2019 too, with the group sharing their third EP on September 6th.

Arriving this Friday, DYER MAKER's third EP It's Hard To Know is a collection of tracks bound to further spotlight their sound as they dissect it and experiment, incorporating new energies and new sounds – including the stripped-back and subtle 90s-tinged Days Alive, which is quickly proving an EP highlight even before its release. Today, however, we premiere the track's official video clip – which pairs visuals with the single's uplifting and empowering sound, as the group explains. "Days Alive is the representation of a problem that has consumed us all at some point," the band explain on the single. "The representation of insecurities of what social media has brought to so many people, myself included. Constantly comparing myself, my life, my existence with ‘pictures’ of people I don’t even know. This is a problem that not everyone admits, and it’s a problem that not every even knows that there effected by this ‘grass is always greener on the other side."

With their new EP on the horizon, dive into Days Alive's video clip below, and better introduce yourself to the group-on-the-rise while you're at it.

Tell us about yourself?

Five sophisticated riff-raffs from downtown Maitland who like making music at the house of Graham.

What’s the vibe music-wise?

Love, sex and magic personified through vibrations. We dabble in funk love and good old alternative rock.

What are your production and writing processes like?

For this EP, most of our songs came together through jamming or someone will have a song they want to bring to everyone and we try and find our respective places by jamming it out. Most of the EP I played bass, which hasn’t happened before.

Can you tell us about your upcoming new EP, It’s Hard To Know?

It’s definitely a step in the right direction and we have grown as a band as well as growing in our musicality. We are definitely learning a lot and quickly in how to be better musicians and are embracing every aspect of what it means to be involved in this industry.

It was our first time being in a professional studio environment and was a very new experience for us. Originally, we had only recorded in garages and bedrooms so this was a step up for us. Being in a studio with engineer/producer Jack Nigro allowed us to reach a further potential in our songwriting and sound. It has given us the confidence to continue to do something we all love. The ep is still very guitars, bass and drums driven and is more of an alternative rock direction than our previous music. This will be our last EP as we’re planning to record an album next year.

What does the rest of 2019 have in store for you?

Touring as well as writing new music for an album we will be working on.

Where can we find more of your music?

Spotify, YouTube, and our Facebook page in the video section.

Tour Dates:

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