Premiere: Hope Wilkins - Slow

Premiere: Hope Wilkins - Slow

Be the first to listen to this powerhouse's gritty “liberating auditory reflection”, as her abilities as a storyteller and vocalist radiate.

Photo by Meg Houghton 

A couple years ago we got to know indie-folk-pop songstress Hope Wilkins a little better, the Ngunnawal country/ Canberra based artist continuing to go from strength to strength with her latest fearless and stirring release Slow

With the warm strums of an acoustic guitar, the almighty crunch of electric guitars, and a beautifully orchestrated drum beat, Hope’s emotion driven vocals soar as Slow evolves through beautiful tender melodies, to the powerful gritty cries of the chorus. “This track is a reflection of words unspoken, a song about losing someone you felt a connection with, but never really knew. I wanted to embellish the darkness in the lyrics into something forthright and powerful.” shares Hope, continuing “The lyrics were originally crafted as a poem and a sentiment of emotions that I struggled to verbalise aloud. I never intended to use them in a song or for them to even leave the paper, but when I fit them to music, it was this liberating auditory reflection of all these feelings I’d kept buried inside for so long.” 

A true testament to Hope Wilkins talent as a songwriter and vocalist, be sure to press play on Slow below, as we premiere it today before its official release this Wednesday. 

Hope Wilkins’ new single Slow is out August 31st, 2022. 


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