Premiere: Emma Yue - 'Lonely Lover'

Premiere: Emma Yue - 'Lonely Lover'

Melbourne singer-songwriter crafts a catchy new ode to independence and connection - take a first listen

Image credit: Sara Regan (Elytssara)

Set for release this February 14 AKA Valentine’s Day, Naarm/Melbourne-based Emma Yue’s new single isn’t your typical unrequited love song for the broken hearted, with Lonely Lover premiering a few days ahead of release on Pilerats!

Opening with mellow guitar plucks, Yue’s delicate and alluring vocals soon enter the mix as the tension builds to Emma delivering the titular phrase - “lonely lover” - seeing a satisfying release of energy as the drums enter the mix and guitars reach their driving peak.

While Lonely Lover may have originally been born out of bittersweet sentiments, the song is actually one of hope as Yue explains “This single is probably the most honest and raw song I've released so far. It represents so much of my reality and feels so authentic to myself, which makes it sort of terrifying to share. When that fear and doubt comes up in my mind I’ve gotten into the habit of reminding myself that I really want to share it so that maybe people who can relate feel a little less alone and a little more optimistic. Around the time of writing it, I was really getting into some Aussie bands like Spacey Jane, but also absolutely obsessed with the song Kilby Girl by The Backseat Lovers.

I think those influences came through a bit, while also having grown up listening to Taylor Swift all through my teenage years, her lyrical influence is definitely felt too. When I originally wrote the song, it was far more singer-songwriter and had a country rock feel to it, which I wanted to lean away from a bit. I worked with an incredible producer, Gus Cannon, who took the song and my description of how I wanted it to be and gave it the sound it has now. He has been a huge influence on the finished product that we're both incredibly proud of.

With a single launch at The Gaso Upstairs on March 28 and released February 14, take a listen to Lonely Lover a few days ahead of release:

Emma Yue's new single Lonely Lover is out February 14

Emma Yue Lonely Lover artwork

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