Premiere: Perth alt-punk group Carrington unleash new single, Reverse

Premiere: Perth alt-punk group Carrington unleash new single, Reverse

After sharing a three-track release last year, the Perth-based rock outfit get reflective on their first major single of the year.

If you're unfamiliar with the depths of Perth's alt-rock/punk scenes, then emerging five-piece Carrington is an act you need to introduce yourself too. Since forming in 2016, the five-piece have grown to become synonymous with an exciting next generation for the city's heavier rock realm - even at a time where their live show hasn't been able to be showcased as much as they would've hoped. Nevertheless, they've kept looking forward, putting their heads down to refine and build upon their sound following the release of their debut three-track Into Graphite late last year.

As a result of that, they haven't been to publically active within the last nine months - their only release of the year was an acoustic version of Quiver, plucked from that aforementioned debut EP - but on the up-side, it means there is plenty to come, and the first peek of that is premiering today on Pilerats in the form of Reverse. It's a song that doesn't just mark their first for the year nor their first since their EP, but also their first after a period of growth and evolution both musically and personally, both of which shine brightly on Reverse.

Sound-wise, it's a rollercoaster. Reverse teeters between this punk-adjacent rush of guitar and percussion that forms the perfect underlay for those searing and thoughtful vocals, packing the punch you'd expect from a band that have long worked on their sound and now, following that period, are keen on making a loud and fierce comeback that reflects them. However, at the same time, the single has sonic low-points as well, moments of subtleness that really tie into the track's reflective qualities, and the emotional journey that underlays the lyricism throughout the song.

Speaking of, it's clear that Reverse did come following a sense of personal discovery - or a less cliché-y counterpart - as the track really dives into some intimate and personal themes, reflective of this upfront nature Carrington hope to bring into their music, especially in a time like now. "The song is about how we all go through difficult periods of life, especially with the added stress 2020 has inflicted," they say on the single, which officially arrives this Friday, September 18th. "The pressure that home-life has been put under is really evident, and this song is the bands reflection on the emotions many people will (or have) turned to."

You can take a dive into it below exclusively to Pilerats (with a video clip filmed by Nick Henrisson and Jordan King), but otherwise, be sure to keep an eye on Carrington as they continue to grow and blossom into a defining face of Perth's punk world in the time ahead:

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