Meet Melbourne alt-rock duo Slow Talk and their vibey new single, Limbo

Meet Melbourne alt-rock duo Slow Talk and their vibey new single, Limbo

It's the second single since their debut EP earlier this year, and it's an absolute ripper.

In case you're yet to acquaint yourself with the duo, Slow Talk are a pair of Melbourne-based musical upstarts who with their heavier alt-rock sound, are showing a whole lot of promise. Comparable to everyone from Turnover and Joyce Manor right through to quickly-rising bands like Endless Heights, Slow Talk have put themselves forward as one of alt-rock's most versatile upcoming names, with their 2018-released latest EP New Vernacular mixing their charging, guitar-driven sound with elements of dreamy shoegaze and prog-rock.

Limbo is the second single from the group since their aforementioned EP (the first, North, arriving a few months back), and it's the perfect entry point to the duo if you're yet to meet them. Limbo is a song that highlights their dynamic songwriting style, uniting their alt-rock backbone with a couple of additional layers that give it a bit of uniqueness and versatility. They've got a couple of shows coming up and they're promising more goodness soon (and into 2019 too), so before they capture the attention of everyone else in the biz, get around Slow Talk and their new single below:

Tell us about yourself?

Ash and I are just two guys with a common love for emotive music and a good coffee.

What’s the vibe music-wise?

We often describe ourselves simply as an alternative rock band, but I’d argue that’s an over-simplification. We draw from a wide range of genres, from prog rock to dream pop, all of it filtering through our song-writing process, creating diversity in our work.

Our only rule, or guiding principle, is to deliver honest and emotive musical storytelling in an easily palatable format. Our sound as Slow Talk will surely evolve, as it already has, but we’ll always hold onto that common thread.

What are your production and writing processes like?

Limbo is the first time we’ve had someone else contribute to the writing process. While recording our debut EP Golden our producer, Declan White, had shown us some of the demos he’d been working on in his free time and we were really taken back by the level of his writing.

Still on a high from recording, a week or two after we wrapped up I asked Declan if he’d write me a 2000s style emo track to sing on as a guilty pleasure track. I thought it would just be something fun to put on Soundcloud as a personal passion project but when he sent us the first minute or so of the track I knew we had something.

Honestly, I was reluctant to show Ash the demo, afraid that the song was a bit off-brand for us. Fortunately, he ate it up and went straight to fleshing out the rest of the track.

Can you tell us about your new single, Limbo?

Limbo explores the uncertainty people experience in a failing relationship. Often there’s a duality of truths that we subscribe to at this time, believing both at once that the relationship will persist while simultaneously knowing it’s already over. It’s during this time that we find ourselves suspended in time, or caught in ‘Limbo’.

Any shows coming up?

This month we’re supporting The Omnific and Osaka Punch at The Evelyn (Nov 10) and next month we’re supporting Pridelands at Northcote Social Club (Dec 15).

What’s the rest of the year have in store for you?

Unfortunately, it’s been a busy year for us in terms of studying and work, but as of this month, Slow Talk is back to being priority number one. The rest of the year will consist of us laying some serious groundwork for 2019.

Where can we find more of your music?

You’ll find us on all the regular streaming services and platforms. But here at Slow Talk HQ, we know that typing is hard so we made you THIS LINK.

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