Introducing Perth's Ryan Beno and their just released EP, Don't Say Too Much

Introducing Perth's Ryan Beno and their just released EP, Don't Say Too Much

Making some dreamy post-rock sounds.

Ryan Beno are relatively fresh Perth-based four-piece with a penchant for some very smooth, at times dreamy post-rock sounds quite perfectly encapsulated on their just-released EP, Don't Say Too Much. We actually sent them a bunch of questions to find out a little more ahead of their EP launch, but that was last weekend, and we were too slow (sorry team, our bad). But that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy the lush soundscapes of the EP, recorded live a few months ago and available for you to listen to below via Bandcamp (just click on the embed anywhere to get it started).

Tell us about about yourselves?

We are four reclusive, mischievous, animated, (informally) classically trained audiophiles with an appreciation for tea, culinary activities, minimalism, quiet moments, urban gardening, photography, mechanics, motorcycles and of course, music.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

Pick a simple object close to you. Do a quick scan (no need to observe thoroughly just yet) and define the purpose of this object. What do I with this? Do I eat it? Do I just look at it? Is it a tool to simplify or assist me with a complicated task? These questions are important because they lead into the next step. Look closer and scrutinise the design what you have in front of you. What is the intention of every detail? Who made this? How does it taste? Observe small, minuscule angles and curves individually. Is every part necessary? Is this blemish here for a reason? Why is this the way it is? Once you have the blueprint of the whole thing, take a step back and view the sum of each part. How am I provoked? What stirs inside of you when you use this object? Is it intimate and real, or is it otherworldly and mysterious? Are you reminded of a fond memory of the past? Is there a picture beyond this picture?

Production/writing process:

Think of it as a nice little camping trip. Before you set off, you need essentials. Friends (intimate or unfamiliar), food and tea to keep you alive, happy and energised, perhaps a book or two for some quality alone time and a pair of attentive ears to hear the crickets, the rustling of leafs, the rushing of water and conversations that are hilarious, touching or profound. When you have arrived, set up camp, ration out your food and don’t be greedy and with pitching your tent, whether it be a pop-up, one you bought from the store just the night before, or one that your family has used as long as you can remember, make sure you give everybody their space and cooperative and jolly during the whole ordeal. Now you are ready to go. You only have a limited amount of time here so make the most of it. Explore every possibility and have fun with it. Each and every second is important. Every mistake, patch of rain and delay is just as crucial as every quiet moment looking at the stars and profound reflection and revelation so remember every part of it. Remember though to respect your
surroundings and your friends, make sure they are okay, take some photos (keep the inspired and recycle the excess) and remind yourself of why you are, where you are and who you are with and why what you are doing is important.

Can you tell us about your single, Ulterior Motives?

An exploration into the cinematic realm, a film noir adventure, a hard boiled and unsettling detective narrative and a collage of misty bars, with shadowy figures, low lighting and slow, unravelling conversations that you may not come out of alive.

Where can we hear more of your music?

The best place would be in person. You don’t have to stand up front, you can stand anywhere you like but don’t worry, we won’t bite although Blaine might on a cranky night. Also, we have all the new platforms. Apple Music, Spotify, BandcampSoundcloud, Triple J unearthed. Everything but an Instagram.

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