Exclusive: Stream Edie Green's new EP, The Sea It Binds You, while they talk you through it

Exclusive: Stream Edie Green's new EP, The Sea It Binds You, while they talk you through it

The six-track EP is out this Friday, when they launch it at Jack Rabbit Slim's.

Influenced by the wide range of artists from Hiatus Kaiyote to The Pixies and Radiohead, Perth four-piece Edie Green are on the verge of releasing their sophomore EP, The Sea It Binds You, this coming Friday 26 May. And it's an exciting six track release, never settling on a particular or genre or vibe, but all the while feeling like an incredibly accomplished and cohesive piece of work. We're stoked to offer up an exclusive stream a few days out from release, along with some words from the band about each of the tracks. Check it all out below, and catch 'em launching it live this Friday at Jack Rabbit Slim's in Perth (event info down the bottom):


The opening of the EP was written as we were finding our place as a collective. Nat Tenic from triple j described Moonshine as "beach-punk guitars that transform into indie stomp-clap beats into a frenetic hoedown", to which we can only add, "hell yes". The song was inspired by getting to know each other more as friends and musicians, our love affair with cruising the coast on skateboards, and trying to find our own groove (our own batch of tasty Moonshine) amongst Perth's flourishing music community. Tension and release in a tempest, you're in the eye of the storm baby.

Mumma's Words

Mumma's Words is dedicated to all the mummas and caring ladies out there. The strong, influential people who raised us and are always there to give us love. We have strung together heaps of different ideas for this one, wanting to balance delicate, soulful melodies with a momentum of boogie, deepening into a haunting, heart felt chorus. This track is a favourite because it makes us realise how grateful we should be to our lovely families, and also gives us an excuse in each set to call out our mums (who attend every gig). Love you mums!

Smalltime Viticulturist

The lyrics of this track were written with a down south road trip in mind. One weekend we were playing Clancy’s, Dunsborough and set up our gear in the middle of one of the huge vineyards in Margs, had one of the best jam sessions! Musically this song is about metamorphosis, something we all love in our influences, where melodies and grooves can fluidly develop. Smalltime Viticulturist aims to keep you on your toes, each transition is a change in terrain, but your wheels keep rolling on.


Sliding is a sonic dash between pleasant daydreams and paranoia. This song grew from the sense of feeling unsafe in an unfamiliar setting, and the detachment from rational thought as tension builds. The lyrics tell the story of wanderings around a foreign city, ending up down some dodgy back alleys with a few too many red lights and needing to look for a quick escape. We were fortunate enough to work with the amazing ladies of Tulusa Pictures and make a video for this one, dealing with the same themes of uncertainty of surrounds and space. If there's one thing we love, it's stuffing our videos full of our friendos, check it out:

The Sea It Binds You

This song grew from a story shared to us about the experience of near drowning. Having been lost at sea after capsizing his boat, a man floated on the surface of the water, dropping in and out of sleep, only to awake surrounded by water and struggling the breathe. Sophie Wiegele says about the theme: “It sounds a bit morbid but it really fascinated me, and the guy was fine so no worries”. This tune fell together organically once we started to explore that theme. The airiness contracts over time, the vocals become more and more removed, until the music grows fuzzy and detached. Writing this song brought together influences such as Modest Mouse, The Pixies and Sonic Youth, all done with a helpful pinch of the soul mother's tenderness.


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