Ex-Grim Fandango frontman teams up with The Grenadiers' drummer as The Wilderness Years

Ex-Grim Fandango frontman teams up with The Grenadiers' drummer as The Wilderness Years

Take a listen to their charming debut Important Things.

If this isn't perfect Monday morning music then I'm not sure what is. Tom Ware, frontman of now defunct Perth outfit Grim Fandango, has started a new project titled The Wilderness Years and he's recruited The Grenadiers' drummer Jimmy Balderston to lend a hand on drums. Our first taste of music from The Wilderness Years, Important Things, is a charming folk-punk number that's overflowing with feeling - particularly during the soaring chorus that sees Balderston's drumming come to the fore. Originally intended as a solo release, Ware recorded all instruments and vocals for the debut record in Perth before having Balderston add drums in Adelaide; after which the pair mixed the record together at Balderston's own Capitalsound Studio. Keep an eye out for the forthcoming debut from The Wildnerss Years and check out the wonderful Ben Durrell animated video for Important Things below.

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