EP Walkthrough: Ash Lune - Broken Science Experiments

EP Walkthrough: Ash Lune - Broken Science Experiments

The 23 year-old takes us through track by track on her 00s inspired release.

Photo by Jamie Heath 

Born in Mumbai India and now based in Meeanjin /Brisbane, 23 year-old artist Ash Lune made her debut last year with the release of singles Before and Panic At The Party, tracks which appear on her latest offering Broken Science Experiments EP - out today via Nettwerk. 

Growing up in a musical family, listening to artists such as Two Door Cinema Club, Avril Lavigne, Iron & Wine, and Bon Iver, and taking inspiration from timeless heartbreaking songstresses such as Lana Del Rey and Lorde, Ash expresses that “I want to be a time machine, I want to take people back to the early-2000s, the era of some of the most beautiful love songs ever written.”

Broken Science Experiments captures this sentiment, sonically drawing from 00’s piano-lead pop ballads, whilst adding a modern twist production wise to keep the release relevant to a modern audience. Thematically covering the ups and downs of relationships and love throughout the EP’s 5-tracks, Ash Lune shares that “When I was writing this EP, I felt an excruciating amount of pressure to introduce and define myself with this project. As I kept writing I realised that you can’t let a piece of art define you, even if it’s your own. Since change is inevitable, your art will change with you. It was easier to be honest and vulnerable after that. By the end of the EP I realised I was at yet another beginning. All I can say is, this is only one beginning.”

Out today, Ash Lune takes us through what went into each individual track on Broken Science Experiments. Learn a bit more about the upcoming talent, and hit play on the EP whilst taking a read below. 

I’ll See You Tomorrow

I’ll see you tomorrow was the first demo I sang to my manager. This was before he’d signed me. It coincidentally ended up being the first track of the EP which is a pretty cool coincidence. This song is about constantly wanting to leave a relationship because you know it’s going nowhere whilst knowing that you’re not strong enough to leave yet. I read somewhere that the same thing will continue to break your heart over and over again for as long as you love it. Hope and potential become the only thing you cling to. The “what if” and“someday” blur the lack of love in the present and you learn to lie to yourself to feel loved rather than be loved.

Panic At The Party

I wrote Panic At The Party during a very difficult time in my life. I was doing too much with university, work, placements and studio time so I was constantly overwhelmed and anxious. The song is about feeling like you’re constantly letting people down when you’re exhausted and doing your best. It’s also about not knowing whether your best really is your best or if you’re just not wired right. Loneliness, anxiety and imposter syndrome are the dominant themes in this track.


I’ve never heard a song called Bombay which has always been strange to me becauseBombay’s an amazing city. Due to the lockdown I couldn’t go home for two years which Iknow may not seem like much but that’s two years I spent without seeing the faces of the people I love. I’m never going to get that back. This song is about homesickness but also knowing that if you went back home, you just wouldn’t belong. People change, places change and any time that passes is owned by death. You can relive and romanticize the memories in your brain till they look like “paradise” but if you tried to recreate those same memories, you’re going to be disappointed. So, you see, I can’t go back to the Bombay that exists in my brain. It’s not there anymore. 


Believe it or not I wrote Sleepwalk from the POV of my sleep paralysis demon/spirit. My friend had this theory that this being was vicariously living his musical dreams through me and whispered symphonies to me as I slept. I’m not entirely sure about what I believe in and what I don’t,but I thought it was a very interesting idea to write about. It’s obviously influenced by 1950s Americana and my undying adoration for Lana Del Rey’s music. I wanted to add Santo and Johnny’s guitar sample from their original “Sleepwalk” because it’s beautiful and creepy so Tom and I recreated it in the studio.


Before is a song about being efficient and showing up even though you experience crippling levels of anxiety. That’s why there’s “Tell me where and tell me when” but also “So hard to breathe...” The idea for this song first came to me at a port in Wynnum. I knew I had to take it to the studio the next day. My closest confidant always told me things would get easier as I start doing more of the things I love (music). There is truth to that but it’s not like the anxiety went away. I’m just anxious about other things now. Things that actually matter to me more than anything else. However, I do believe that I suffer more in my head than I doin reality. That’s where my close friends and confidants come in, they bring me back to reality. It’s hard but I’m lucky to have their support.

 Ash Lune EP cover

Ash Lune’s debut EP Broken Science Experiments is out now via Nettwerk. 



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