Dear Seattle's debut EP has landed and it's time you got on board

Dear Seattle's debut EP has landed and it's time you got on board

The Sydney rock group are quickly becoming one of 2017's best local break-outs.

It feels like just yesterday that we threw out the statement that Sydney band Dear Seattle was making some of the most exciting rock in the country, and it now appears this wasn’t a mere throwaway. After sending triple j’s Unearthed heads into a spin with their debut single The Meadows, little did we know that this was just an introduction to the hype and excitement surrounding the Australian alt-rock outfit. What The Meadows teased, their follow up Afterthought solidified. Music that culminates the perils of break-ups and feelings, all but lathered with the thought of grabbing a case of beer (VB preferably) and hanging out with your mates. Dear Seattle wants us to know that through all the shit life throws at you, that you should take it in your stride as positivity will transpire.

Six tracks deep, Dear Seattle’s self-titled debut EP is one of the year’s best Australian alt-rock (indie rock, however you wish to label it) showcases. For a genre that is so heavily saturated with the often average, the EP certainly starts off with one heck of a punch. Through the power of sonic guitars and heartfelt lyrics, The Things You Do is a perfect opener. Mirroring the likes of Luca Brasi and the now-powerhouse that is Violent Soho, the EP then shifts its focus back to the heavy with Cut You Deep. Soundwise, an invitation into the shift up of flair the Sydneysiders produce, this one’s a role call to the front of stage pit. A welcome reminder about the hype, as The Meadows is up next. What is tinged through a mellow build, this thing is an angst filled anthem that beckons the call to kick, punch and scream. From its opening chorus “fuck being sad, I’m so over it / fuck having it in my head, three feet in the sand” to the verse that follows “you're not lost, don't be scared / you've gotta start building on the hope that you spared / trust me, I know you'll get through it / I've done it before it's just in your head”, The Meadows is a triumphant plead to anyone that it’s ok to not have your shit together.

Offering up more of the new, we then approach the backend with tracks Concrete and Quiet. A calling, Concrete is without a doubt the EP’s ‘grab your friends and head to the centre of stage’ rush. Attainable, dark and a tonne of thrashing fun, Concrete could very well be a live highlight. Teasing a possible mellow pullback, the EP then thrusts itself into Quiet. What starts off slow through simple drums and guitars, we then hit the “fuck it I’m leaving” breakdown. Again, another showcase of their heavy flair, the build up to the breakdown hits you like an unexpected punch. I know we are still looking at newbies to the Australian alt-rock scene, but if the band were after their encore moment, it comes in the form of the EP’s closer AfterthoughtFrom frontman Brae Fisher’s vocal to the shifting guitars to the personal lyrics that depict a possibly relatable story, Afterthought is flawless. It’s the perfect blend of heart, “catch your breath” substantial songwriting. Worth its much-hyped wait in gold, what Dear Seattle teased through The Meadows and Afterthought they have well and truly backed up with their debut. Remember the name, grab a beer and jump on board, as the Dear Seattle train has arrived.

If you loved the EP as much as we do, Dear Seattle are hitting the road for a headline tour, showcasing all that is great about their debut body of work. Check out the dates below:

Tour Dates:

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