Taylor Swift x Triple J's Hottest 100 - Twitter Responds

Taylor Swift x Triple J's Hottest 100 - Twitter Responds

The internet is a fascinating place.

In case you missed it, Buzzfeed Australia have started a "grass roots" campaign to get Taylor Swift's certified banger Shake It Off into this year's triple j Hottest 100, giving people instructions on how to add the song to your shortlist, and keeping the vibe strong with the hashtag #Tay4Hottest100. The wealth of conversations and typical internet think pieces is growing at an exponential rate, with democracy, sexism, feminism all being thrown under the discussion bus. It's pretty ridiculous, and hilarious, especially when you consider things like last year's winner Vance Joy is actually the main support for Swift's upcoming Australian tour, and the fact there is basically zero chance Swift will win the competition on account of a whole bunch of little stipulations in the Hottest 100 voting rules, including, but not limited too a song needing to have been played on the station at some stage last year, and songs being unallowed to benefit from commercial campaigns... or something.

We don't really have a think piece on this for you, we just found a bunch of funny tweets following that hashtag. It's weird that this has suddenly become an argument between "hipsters" and Taylor Swift fans. Who are these hipsters? Hipsters do not have the time or energy to care about such frivilous pursuits as actually voting and supporting the music they've been illegally downloading this year. Not by a long shot.

taylor swift hottest 100 01

Except it is a popularity contest Chris.

taylor swift hottest 100 02

Except it is a competition Michael.

taylor swift hottest 100 03

Our enemies may try and take our ability to vote for Taylor Swift in the Hottest 100, but they can never take our FREEDOM!

taylor swift hottest 100 05

This is actually a pretty funny coincidence...#illuminati.

taylor swift hottest 100 06

If someone tries to relate this situation to Charlie Hebdo we are truly screwed.

taylor swift hottest 100 07

Yep there it is.

taylor swift hottest 100 08

Alt-j, Mark Ronson and Milky Chance do not a local band make.

taylor swift hottest 100 09


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