Interview: Uppercut Deluxe

Interview: Uppercut Deluxe

Check our chat with the lords behind Uppercut Deluxe.

We recently caught up with Luke Newman and Steve Purcell, the lords behind Uppercut Deluxe for a chat about all things brand, barbershop and more. For those that don’t know basically their products are the duck's nuts and make all our scruffy heads look great. I will leave them to tell you about everything below.

Explain to our lovely readers the Uppercut Deluxe story, who is involved and how did it come about? 

We're both barbers and we had/have a barbershop that is like a mates garage vibe. We wanted to make products that suited our customers and the styles they were asking for. 

Uppercut Deluxe has a really clearly defined aesthetic, how did the branding and packaging come about?

The branding was inspired by our Grandfather Willy (Uppercut) O'Shea, he was a touring boxer during the great depression. Willy was always known for looking sharp despite being super poor, He would never go a day without his tin of pomade.

What inspires you guys? And what inspires the brand? 

Hair expo's, long massages and perming my poodles! Haha...The brand is inspired by a collective mix of many subcultures and fringe dwelling wax heads! 

What does an average day in the life of you guys consist of? 

Coffee, new product ideas, surf, coffee, cut some hair, lots of fun admin crap, coffee.  

Barber shop culture is something a lot of people misunderstand or just don't get. Can you educate our readers about the fundamentals of barber shop culture? 

A barber shop is something that got lost in the Australian culture many years ago its a place our grandfathers never stopped going to but with the trade got lost over the years.The barber shop is a place where a guy can get a great haircut with good old fashioned service, Its a place where mens styles are understood because thats all they do, all day everyday. The barbering trade is seeing a massive resurgence at the moment! 

How do Australian barbers and barber shops compare to the rest of the world? And do we have our own unique culture or do we keep it quite traditional?  

The Australian barber shop culture is catching up to the rest of the world really fast. We have some great barbers here in Oz that understand the tradition and culture of what it means to be a barber, and can throw down some great haircuts.

You guys have a barber shop and have been in the business for a long time, with a wealth of experience what makes a great cut and great product?

A great cut is doing exactley what the customer wants, If i had a dollar for how many times i've heard 'the last place took it to short' I'd be a billionare. And what makes a good product... Well thats easy buy a tin of uppercut and you will find out haha.

How would you describe your barber shop? What's your vibe and culture like?

The culture and vibe in our shop is nice and relaxed there's joke flying over the top of everyone, great tunes and men feeling like they're a part of something; it's a place where men can be themselves.

Most popular Uppercut products? And some tips for using them?

The range is pretty core, it's meant to be simple and not too frilly. So guys don't feel overwhelmed with too many options. The Pomade is definitely a crowd favorite, it's easy to use and washes out with water. All waxes work best with dry hands on dry hair. 

Uppercut has been around for a few years now, what are some of your most memorable experiences?

We did a day with the salvation army and got some homeless guys in to our shop for a tidy up, ate some pizza with them and shared stories. Some of the guys had job interviews scheduled so it was rad to help make them feel fresh and sharp. 

Living or dead who would be your three dream people's hair to cut or style?

I would say Johnny Cash in his later years, Joe Strummer and The Hoff!

What does the future hold for Uppercut Deluxe? 

Just keep on keepin on! There are plans to further expand internationally this year and more products in the pipeline.


Head on over to the WEBSITE for stockists details and more info.

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