E3 Games Wrap

E3 Games Wrap

Now we've had some sleep, let's dig through the gold we panned for.

What a week that was! Now we’ve had time to digest and catch up on some sleep let's take a look at what E3 had to offer this year:


As expected VR was in big attendence this year and by far the most jaw dropping moment was Microsoft’s HoloLense demo. The future is here and we cant wait to get our hands on it. Check out the stunning live demo below:



Playstation was also present here showing off their multiplayer options with Project Morpheus. Take a look below:


The Last Guardian

The game that's been promised to us since 2009 finally made its reappearance as a PS4 title and it looks incredible. From the studio that brought us Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus, Team Ico gave us a full demo to marvel at - want.

No Man's Sky

Hello Games really seem to have something special in their hands with this one. This is the demo that needs to be seen to be believed. The size and scope of this game in unbelievable, even more so when you consider this is an indie game being made by a small team:

Shenmue 3

There's a lot going around at the moment around Sony’s involvement with a Kickstarter project. It does leave a funny taste in the mouth knowing it's asking for crowdfunding but also being backed by Sony, is it to possibly guage interest? Of course people are interested! But putting that aside the Kickstarter was funded in just nine hours meaning, SHENMUE IS FINALLY BACK! Time to dust off the old Dreamcast in preparation:

Final Fantasy VII Remake

It’s finally happening! After years and years of fan demand and anticipation Square Enix dropped this at the Sony Conference. This is one of unforgettable E3 moments that just sends chills up the spine:

Uncharted 4 

After a bit of hiccup at the start of the demo (give them a break it's an unfinished game!) Naughty Dog dropped the mic on the Sony conference with this insane demo. 2016 can not come quick enough to see through what looks to be Drake's last adventure. If you're not up to speed on Uncharted Sony has the Drake Collection out later this year which brings together the three PS3 titles in one box with a host of shiny upgrades - much like their re-release of The Last Of Us last year:

New Games! 

Of course no E3 would be complete without new IP’s and franchises and this year was no exception. We finally got to see what's new and instore of us on our shiny new consoles. Heres a few that caught our eye:


Horizon: Zero Dawn

Everything From Devolver Games!

Seriously, how good does Mother Russia Bleeds look?!


1000% Must Buys.

By Andii Williams


We hope you've enjoyed a bit of E3 games coverage this year - games is something we've always wanted to tackle and having Andii on board means we'll be tackling it plenty more in the months to come.