An oddly compelling argument as to which famous DJ hides beneath Marshmello's mask

An oddly compelling argument as to which famous DJ hides beneath Marshmello's mask

Because where's the harm in speculating?

With mysterious masked DJ/producer Marshmello making his way to Australia for Good Life festival and surrounding sideshows (including a show at Metro City in Perth - details HERE), one keen-eyed private eye local producer Vernon Jursa AKA None The Less decided to do some serious digging and see if he couldn't unearth who exactly it is hiding beneath that fluffy white top. It's been a source of much conjecture since he popped up on Soundcloud packing a swagload of sr5 bangers, with names like Dotcom, JAUZ and even Skrillex bandied about as the masked, urm, bandit.

And because we're slaves to the banter just like all of you (and for a bit of fun), we're opening the floor to None The Less to explain who the producer is, and exactly why:


Before I proceed further I think it would be prudent to express my interest as a "EDM Tragic" and also a "Martin Garrix Fanboy". Since his emergence after his single Animals I've been following Garrix like a hawk, right down to the point of listing his whole set before he plays it, every single live set, interview, radio show, Facebook and Instagram... So yeah, a bit obssessive.

Whilst searching for a photo of Marshmello following the announcement of his upcoming Perth sideshow I noticed a photo of Marshmello weirdly cropped only showing the neck down, and I thought to myself, "I don't remember searching for Martin Garrix photos?"

After liaising with several of Perth's finest photographers asking how hard it would be to copy a person's posture on stage, all of them informed me that it would be near impossible to be exactly the same, taking into factors like the person's height, weight etc. It would make having an exact identical posture odd. As such, I present to you exhibits A and B:

marshmello martin garrix side by side

marshmello martin garrix stage comparison

At this stage I thought this can't be enough - plenty of DJs stand in front of our crowds, arms oustretched. So I got thinking about some other things.

For instance, if my name was Martin and I wanted to make "mellow" trap music, what would I call myself...

I started digging deeper, surely Garrix would have given us clues along the way? In several of his live shows there are many visuals that relay this concept, not to mention the timing of Martin Garrix releasing a new logo. What similarities are there? Have a look below.

marshmello martin garrix logo comparison

Here's a live shot from Garrix's Instagram:

marshmello martin garrix instagram

There was a couple of things to investigate now - did their tour dates ever clash? Easy - No they didn't, and if they did it was at the same festival at different set times.

Initially everyone was made to believe it was Dillon Francis, which it turns out it wasn't, but bear in mind who is Dillon Francis good friends with? Martin Garrix.

A few smaller things to note:

- Yes Marshmello has an American Accent but he might be putting it on all as part of the disguise.

- Put marshmello in black clothes who does he look like?

- Martin Garrix wears Nike Kicks/Air Jordans a lot. Have a look at what footwear Marshmello wears...

Also have a look at their names and logos on Instagram. Is it just pure coincidence? I think not.

marshmello martin garrix instagram compare

Finally, consider the two videos below, which combined with everything above lends one to strongly believe Martin Garrix and Marshmello are one and the same.

One is of Garrix at Amsterdam Music Festival last year, the other Marshmello at Hard DOTD. In the first, at 16:56, Garrix hypes the crowd screaming, "1, 2, 1-2-3 Let's Go!"

And in the Marshmello video, at 5:05...

Sure, every DJ hypes up crowds with 1,2,3 let's go. But do they all do a quick 1-2 count first?

Martin Garrix is Marshmello.

The least likely person in the world, becomes the biggest suspect. Look at this photo at a Martin Garrix show, Marshmello is basically staring down all over the crowd:

marshmello martin garrix gig


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