Recap: WOMPP hold their first ever Writers Camp

Recap: WOMPP hold their first ever Writers Camp

The three-day songwriting, music and production camp in Boorloo/Perth, exciting, inspiring, and motivating mentees and mentors alike.

WOMPP or Women of Music Production Perth is a community of female, trans and non-binary Ableton users who share and develop their music production skills, whilst showcasing and representing live electronic music makers and DJs. This July the group held their first ever writers camp, supported/funded by the Department of Local Government, Sport, and Cultural Industries, alongside Otherside Brewing Co., and Sorrento Strategic, the event hosted nine artist-participants and three mentors for a three-day songwriting, music and production camp at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA). 

Treated to world class mentors; Award-winning producer Anna Laverty (Amanda Palmer, Camp Cope, Stella Donnelly, Pinch Points, Screamfeeder, Courtney Barnett, Kaitlin Keegan, Dallas Woods, Alex Lahey), composer and musician Zain Awan (aka ZĀN), and artist, composer, singer, producer, DJ and university lecturer Rachel Claudio (aka CLAUDIO), “It was incredible to be in a space dedicated to writing. It was amazing to be mentored by such patient and talented people and have the space to be able to create.” an artist-participant shared, another Brux Jupiter stating “(WOMPP Writers Camp) was seriously one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life!”


What makes an event like this so special is the value it provides for both mentees and mentors, in a space that is safe that allows collaboration and skill development to flourish. On the camp Anna Lavery shared “My experience at the WOMPP Writers Camp was amazing, working with a whole collection of different skills and talents, and taking very different aspects of these everyday and putting them in a room and seeing what they come up with was a really exciting, fun experience—for them and also myself. I think WOMPP’s Writers Camp is so important because, it gives people in WA and beyond the opportunity to come together in a professional sense and write together— which is so rare for WA—but also, because the people included in the camp are those that are often not heard or given these opportunities, so having that exclusively available here is very important.”  


Working in groups with a different mentor each day, participants Elsewhere/Rebecca, Segers, Gia Lowe, Girlname, Sophie Edwards, Efa Mackenzie, Brux Jupiter, and Ribs were selected based on an application process, coming away from the camp with an incredible range of ideas, demos, and songs, all varying in style and genre - releases that you’re sure to see and hear in the coming 12-24 months. “I have been so motivated and recharged since the camp purely because you gave us a space to write and be with other like minded individuals. It was incredible. I am still riding the high. It was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time.” shares Segers.

Following the success of the camp, another is planned for the 12-14 July, 2023 hosted by WAAPA. For all female, trans and non-binary music creators located in Western Australia, this is a great opportunity to develop your skills, learn from some of the best, and work with like minded individuals - so be sure to keep an eye out for more info on the application process closer to the date on social media, and by joining the WOMPP private Facebook group HERE.


To learn more about WOMPP and future events, be sure to check out their accounts below. 


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