The 10 Best Music Videos of the Week | 2024 Week 19

The 10 Best Music Videos of the Week | 2024 Week 19

Soak up the best new sights and sounds of the week including music videos from Falling In Reverse, GUM & Ambrose Kenny-Smith, Hinds, John Cale, KUČKA and more!

Image credit: Still from Falling In Reverse's 'Ronald' video

Music videos are artistic extensions of the songs themselves, with many visual accompaniments becoming just as, if not more iconic than the songs they were created for. As usual, some of our favourite songs of the week also had some of our favourite videos, with this week's list including beabadoobee, Elizabeth M. Drummond, Falling In Reverse, GUM & Ambrose Kenny-Smith, Hinds, John Cale, KOKOKO!. KUČKA and Thick!

beabadoobee - Take A Bite

beabadoobee announced her third studio album this week, with This Is How Tomorrow Moves recorded with the iconic Rick Rubin at his fabled Shangri-La studios. The lead single from the record is Take A Bite, a catchy cut of guitar-driven pop alongside a fantastic music video that channels Hollywood one-take vibes, as a city descends into chaos around a seemingly unaware and nonchalant beabadoobee. beabadoobee’s new album This Is How Tomorrow Moves is out August 16 via Dirty Hit.

Bodysync - Rock It

The dream team of Ryan Hemsworth and Giraffage are back as Bodysync to announce their second album NUTTY by dropping a new dancefloor heater, with Rock It bringing all the best bits of early 90s hip house and ravey techno (yes bring back the hoover!). The hallucinatory music videos sees the boys jumping on a Chatroulette/Omegle type website and chatting to some very interesting characters and a pie at the centre of the narrative, with the overall aesthetics calling to mind the likes of Busta Rhymes’ Gimme Some More or even Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun. Bodysync’s new album NUTTY is out June 28 via Buddies Inc.

Elizabeth M. Drummond - Everything

After triumphantly returning with the awesome Simplify, EMD goes sparkly dark pop on her new ode to infatuation alongside an engagingly eerie music video that features some super imposed trickery.

Falling In Reverse - Ronald

Cult heavy icon Ronnie Radke’s Falling In Reverse have outdone themselves on new single and video, Ronald. Fusing a range of metal sounds with hip hop (shout out to the Tech N9ne feature!), Ronald is an absolutely blistering slice of in your face sounds, while the cinematic music video channels the likes of The Matrix or Jet Li’s The One. With some incredible set pieces and mind blowing visual FX, Ronald really is the full audio-visual experience. Falling In Reverse’s new album Popular Monster is out July 26 via Epitaph.

GUM & Ambrose Kenny-Smith - Ill Times

Check out what we said about the new GUM & Ambrose tune/video/album announcement earlier in the week!

Hinds - Boom Boom Back feat. Beck

Fresh from breaking a four year release hiatus, longtime fave Spanish indie duo Hinds announced their fourth studio album this week, Viva Hinds, alongside a fun new slice of alt-rock, teaming up with Beck for Boom Boom Back. As is often the case with a Hinds music video,  Carlotta Cosials and Ana García Perrote are having way too much fun, eating ice cream and cruising around in the back of utes. Hinds’ new album Viva Hinds is out September 6 via Lucky Number Music.

John Cale - Shark-Shark

Sixty years ago, John Cale was a founding member of a little old band called The Velvet Underground. Six decades later at the age of 82, Cale is still as creative and entertaining as ever, as heard and seen on new single and video, Shark-Shark. A fuzzy, distorted slice of driving alternative sounds, with a stunning video that feels like a collaborative David Lynch and John Waters fever dream. John Cale’s new album POPtical Illusion is out June 14 via Domino Record Co.

KOKOKO! - Bazo Banga

As Kinshasa’s (Democratic Republic of the Congo) finest party starters KOKOKO! gear up for the release of their eagerly awaited sophomore album, they’ve delivered it’s next taste in the form of upper tempo, hyperactive dance jam Bazo Banga, with a music video that somehow manages to match or even raise the song’s intensity, packing a whole heap of extreme close ups and analog style editing trickery to take you on a lil four and a half minute freak out. KOKOKO!’s new album BUTU is out July 5 via Transgressive Records.

KUČKA - Wasting Time (til the end of the world)

Beloved Perth-via-LA electronic pop powerhouse KUČKA finally announced her sophmore album in fine style this week - read more about it here!

Thick - Mother

Brooklyn garage-punk rockers Thick pack plenty of 90s alt vibes and pop sensibilities into their addictive new ode to “people who inadvertently end up caretakers in romantic relationships — an eye-opening acknowledgement to those forced to prioritize their partner’s wellbeing over their own.” Meanwhile, the music video alternates between the band jamming out on a NYC rooftop and footage of Nikki Sisti and Kate Black dressed up as the titular mothers. Out now via Epitaph.

Enjoy all these tunes as well as our favourite singles of the week and a stack of other new music we've been feeling in our Spotify playlist.

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