Australian Music Is Bloody Great: Lord Esme

Australian Music Is Bloody Great: Lord Esme

The Sydney 'cardigan-pop' outfit take the reins this week

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Amrap’s national radio show Australian Music Is Bloody Great features Australian artists presenting their favourite recent Australian music. Australian Music Is Bloody Great’s previous hosts range from Dune Rats to Sampa The Great to Phil Jameison.

We’re proud to team up with Amrap to bring you Australian Music Is Bloody Great as a Pilerats feature!

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Written by Cameron Menegoni

Sydney self described 'cardigan-pop' outfit Lord Esme have an eclectic and playful sound with plenty of humour and heart. With an album earnestly titled A Nice Sit Down released recently on legendary indie Half A Cow Records, Sally from the band shares some of their favourite local pop sounds below.

Andy Golledge - Young, Dumb & Wild

01 Andy

Andy Golledge is super fun to see live. During COVID when we were all in lockdown, he was our Friday night entertainment when played songs at the (Sydey Brewery) Willie the Boatman meat raffle. That was always a bit of fun on Friday nights, so he has a special place in our hearts.

Grids & Dots - Imposter Friends

02 Grids

We played with these guys not too long ago and they are excellent. They’re quite a similar vibe to what we do in Lord Esme. So it was really fun to play with them and hopefully we got a few extra fans for each other in the crowd.

Victoria - Creative Frenzy

03 Victoria

Victoria is a bit of a supergroup, you might say. Members from bands such as Youth Group, The Vines and Smudge. Bringing back those 90s vibes. I love this song because I’m a sucker for a tune. I really love to sing along to this one when I’m the car, especially when I’m driving along.

Fleeting Persuasion - Faded

04 Fleeting

This is a band out of Melbourne. These guys are quite a bit more heavy than what I normally listen to as do like a poppy number, but I really enjoy the music that this band makes. I know they’re launching a new album soon so there’s more to come.

Juno Point - Red Mist

05 Juno

Juno Point are also a bit of a supergroup. They’ve got members from bands such as El Mopa, Ukiyo-e, The Cannanes and Tweezer! Some blasts from the past. They’ve come together to make beautiful music that again isn’t as poppy as usually like it, but [they make] really beautiful songs and Red Mist is one of those.

Lord Esme - Shane Warne

06 Lord

Let’s leave with one of our [own] favourites. Is it about Shane Warne? It’s clearly not about Shane Warne, but it’s one of our funnest songs.

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