BUY ME: Pilerats T-Shirts & Tote Bags

BUY ME: Pilerats T-Shirts & Tote Bags

We've got a limited run of our latest t-shirts and tote bags for you awesome folks.

You may or may not have seen our latest Pilerats t-shirt floating around in night clubs/festivals for the past couple of months (hint: look for the guy spewing in the corner who had way too much fun way too early), and it's with much excitement that we're able to throw a few of the things up online for anyone who sees themself lookin' alright in a big white shirt with a happy rats face adorned across it. And if a 'Jerry' shirt's not your thing but carrying stuff is, there's also the Pilerats ' Jerry' Tote Bag, made from tough-as-nails canvas, perfect for holding the sweet new rare vinyls you picked up this week, or a sneaky six-pack on the way to that barbeque. Check out our totally official Lookbook for the shirts cobbled together from random club night/festival social pics and Instagrams below. Stocks are v-limited so get in sooner rather than later if you're keen, and thankyou in advance for the support - we're nothing without you guys xx


Pilerats merch mimi 2
Mimi Elashiry wears Pilerats 'Jerry' T-Shirt. Looking this good in a Pilerats t-shirt - guaranteed.

Chewy wears Pilerats 'Jerry' T-shirt. Huge beard and Mel from Skrillex 'Summit' video clip - optional.

Gene wears 'Jerry' Pilerats T-shirt. Trap fists - optional.

Harris wears 'Jerry' Pilerats T-Shirt. Radio and beer - optional.

Dani wears 'Jerry' Pilerats T-Shirt. Doge - optional.

Narayana (Willow Beats) wears 'Jerry' Pilerats T-Shirt. Awesome musical talent - optional.

Narayana wears Pilerats 'Jerry' T-Shirt. Awesome cousin making formidable electronic duo - optional.

Troy wears Pilerats 'Jerry' T-Shirt. Thousands of adoring fans enjoying Pilerats T-Shirt - optional.

Marley wears Pilerats 'Jerry' T-shirt. 1000x swag at the age of 7 - no chance.

pilerats merch pack full


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