One Sugar To Go

One Sugar To Go

Good art, good coffee, great cause - OSTG curator Sam Carter selects show highlights.

One Sugar To Go is an arts and coffee showcase fundraiser founded by Sam Carter in 2010. The event was born from Sam’s desire to make a real contribution to the Leukaemia Foundation and to help families afflicted by the disease. By hosting an event to celebrate her love for a vibrant arts community and love for good coffee, Sam has drawn over 100 Australian and international artists and their works. The auction fundraiser is not only a charity event but a cultural celebration of creative expression, providing a platform for internationally renowned artists to offer their inspired works of art for a good cause.

Not your average art exhibition, One Sugar To Go attracts an eclectic mix of members from the arts community to support people afflicted by the disease. In 2015, this humanitarian arts event will be hosted on June 20 at the Whipper Snapper Distillery in East Perth, featuring local DJs, artwork and special guests - head HERE to grab your ticket now. Ahead of the event, Sam has chosen three standout artworks from the 2015 exhibition, and lets Pilerats in on a little background behind their creation. Over to you, Sam! 


Yes you are correct - this is actually painted in Nescafe coffee, how innovative! Marielle was one if not the first to submit this fine artwork OSTG, and she pretty much nailed the brief. This piece to me is reminiscent of Kill Bill and takes me back to Lucy Liu's Character: O-Ren Ishii (Cottonmouth). It floats my boat because it's the mantra I try to adopt in life and in design: 'Less is more...'

OSTG 2015 Marielle Flood


This one reminds me of the times when I was studying, late nights, 2 minute noodles and ridiculous cramming... The coffee maker of choice was these little Italian numbers whereby you use to have to heat them the fuck up, to push the hot water through the tampered coffee. I never really trusted them as I always thought they would explode at any minute. However strong coffee ensued, this piece is a homage to that dinosaur called the "moka pot".

OSTG 2015 Andrew Frazer


No words really needed with this one, Famous When Dead from England really has a cool style. Incorporating the old - brush stokes with the relatively new – spray paint. His take on the theme of coffee is swiftly explained like a blunt instrument to the head: When one over doses in too much caffeine. Urgh, we’ve all been there and I highly recommend one barista style coffee coffee per day... Play it safe kids.

OSTG 2015 Famous When Dead

Tickets for One Sugar To Go 2015 are now onsale HERE.

2015 OSTG A3 Poster small

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