Framed: Sean Morris

Framed: Sean Morris

One sunny winter's morning we took a short drive to catch up with Sean Morris in his ocean side studio.

I was feeling excited, although I did drink a shitload of coffee that morning so that could have been that. Anyway we like him a lot and so should you..

So briefly tell us who you are, what you do and what your about?

I’m Sean Morris. I live in Perth and I make art about awesome and terrible humans.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

Swamp Trash Romanticism. 

SeanMorris IMG 4694

Do you have any qualifications or training to do what you do?

Just life.

Do you prefer to work in a digital or analog world? If you could elaborate a little on your medium of choice..

Analogue (drawing, painting, paper, wood) feels good, but I am lazy and use the computers for short cuts whenever I can. And I would not get by without a little help from my friend, the internet.

SeanMorris BurgerBuddy Pilerats

You have done a lot of zines in the past, what is it you love about them and when did it start?

Art is nice when you can hold it your hand. And zines are usually cheap - cheap things are great. I made my first zine 5 years ago, and I have made nowhere near enough since then but I am going to try hard to make more in the near future.

Do you have any favourite artists / creatives that we should know about? Lately: Jay Howell, Stevie Gee, Will Laren, Girl Mountain, Evie Cahir, Matt Furie, Eric Mchenry.

Best reaction your work has ever received? Definitely from those people who have had it tattooed and will carry my weird little wrinkly drawings to their graves. With no regrets at all.

SeanMorris IMG 4670

Humour is a part of your work, how important do you think it is to not take yourself too serious in the art world?

It’s important for me. If other people want to be super serious about it then that’s cool, but the way I see it, art is fun and there’s enough other shit in life to spend time being serious about.

Thoughts on Perth?

It’s getting pretty rad, I wish I could afford to live here.

SeanMorris mrrisstudiowide

How much has Perth itself and it’s isolation affected you and your work?

It’s made me work hard, but it’s also made me travel a fair bit, which is rad for making art stuff happen, meeting inspiring people and getting amped to make new things.

I went to a suburban shopping centre the other day, it made me feel weird, it felt like everyone in there had given in to a life of track pants, novelty t-shirts and $2 menus. Does that sound like a life you would be interested in?

It both excites and terrifies me. Which happens to be the general criteria for the subject matter I focus on.

SeanMorris wallclose

Do you miss your Last Chance studio days?

There were many good times in that building but we had to move on at some point. The gang is scattered all over the earth right now, but we’re keeping the dream alive and we’ll be back together eventually to make some rad stuff happen.

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SeanMorris key

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SeanMorris oceanview

SeanMorris portrait

SeanMorris sketchpad

SeanMorris wall

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SeanMorris workstation

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