Track By Track: Mammals - Anamalia EP

Track By Track: Mammals - Anamalia EP

Sydney's Mammals give us a short'n'sweet run through of their debut EP.

Sydney's Mammal's release their debut EP Animalia Friday 15 August, and it caps off an impressive time for the group that includes the first single Wolf garnering accolades all over the place, along with the just-dropped Goldroom collab - Till Sunrise (listen HERE). Guy from the group gives us a little bit of insight into the five-tracker below, and you can buy Animalia right HERE:


This is one of my favourites to play live for sure. Just flowing with the music.


Sometimes you got to learn to let go before you hold on. I feel the lyrics in this are so true to me.


Deep from the depths of the subconscious.


Flash is the man. Without him this wouldn’t exist. We made a connection months before this existed and finally came up with this.


I will always love and miss Wolf very much. It's always tough to play this live without him.


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