Southbound Presents: Stagebound

Southbound Presents: Stagebound

A new format for Southbound's local band comp, and we're getting involved.

Southbound's local band comp is getting a little makeover in 2015 - putting the power of selecting the winner is your hands via voting system. Interested artists need to send Southbound their applications, from which they will finalise a shortlist of bands they feel have been working hard/making waves in the WA music scene. With a little help from reputable WA music media outlets The Music, Xpress and, urm... us, three finalists will be selected, and each media outlet will pick one finalist to root for during the month of November. All three finalists will be showcased one night in November (TBA), and finally, once your votes are tallied, the winner will be revealed.

The winner of Stagebound will open the Big Top stage on Saturday 3 January at Southbound 2015, plus voters go in the running to win a double Happy Camper pass.

Here's what you need to do: 


If you would like your band to be considered as a finalist for Stagebound 2015, please email the following information:

  • Your Act/Band Name
  • SHORT Bio (under 250 words, as a word doc)
  • 1 x Promo Photo (1MB in size or thereabouts)
  • Link to all social media mediums (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Your preferred Youtube clip or track
  • Contact name, email and mobile number for the most responsible person in your band.
  • Optional – link/s to Soundcloud, Youtube Channel, Triple J Unearthed etc.

Applications are due by 11.59pm WST, Friday October 24 2014. The three finalists will also be required for a showcase performance one night in November.


Once the finalists are picked and you’ve made your choice, you will be able to vote HERE, only once, from November 3-November 30.

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