Skrillex Text Message Interview

Skrillex Text Message Interview

We've held off on text interviews for a while, but decided Skrillex was a good reason to start them again.

Last week saw the - somewhat surprising - release of Skrillex's debut album, Recess, via a mysterious App/game he put up on his website. Unlocking a new track every 30 minutes, you could stream it via said App until its ACTUAL RELEASE in Australia last Friday - tomorrow in America.

What it also meant was we had an opportunity to not only revive a format which we put to bed for a while in the Text Interview, but chat to an old friend who we hadn't seen around this part of the world for a couple of years. What ensued was plenty of bro-ing out, some emoji descriptions, how Recess came to be, Australian producer discussion and some TV show called Heavyweights.


Bonus nostalgia trip - the video clip we made for Summit feat. Ellie Goulding:

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