No Money Weekend

No Money Weekend

Maximise fun on minimum funds.

Just cause your bank account’s in the negative doesn’t mean your weekend’s gotta be a drag. Here’s some no money weekend options for you. You can thank us later. Or now. Or never. We don't mind.

Get Trippy with Atlas Obscura

Use Atlas Obscura, a site that tells you unusual travel locations around you, to discover some weird shit around the place and then take a leisurely joy drive out and have a gander, like the Giant Ram in Wagin or Dumbleyung Lake, the site of the first daredevil who ever broke both the land and water speed record in the same year. We’re going to throw in the abandoned Atlantis waterpark because it's too obscure even for Atlas Obscura’s map and its way closer (37 minutes from Perth) than the other two joints.

Dan Murphy’s Spring Clearance (CATALOGUE) 

Over 100 items of alcohol are on special right now at Dan Murphys. $30 for a litre of Peach Schnapps! Go halves with a mate, mix with leftover voddy from last weekend and some juice of any kind from your folks’ fridge and what you have done yourself there is a Sex On The Beach cocktail, minus the need to go to a wanky bar. Or just chug away at the bottle - nine shots is the recommended number of Peach Schnapps shots required to take yourself on a trop holiday, right there in your living room. Passionfruit & Orange Vodka Cruisers, $13 for 4! That’s $3 a Cruiser, and $0 for the heart-warming trip down high-school-smashed lane. If you really want to get fancy, this ruby red sparkling will set you back $5.99, and has the taste of a “persistent, rose-coloured mousse” and is apparently like drinking liquid roses. (Gosh, those Dan Murphy’s copywriters really earn they paycheck, don’t they?)

Cheap cocktails and comedy

Nice one to round out the weekend – regular stand up at Hula Bula from 4pm – late with $10 Appleton cocktails and $5 Castello stubbies. This week Rory Lowe, Des Pondent, Ciaran Lyons and guests are on the bill, with MC James. Just James, no last name. But the laughs will last… you all the way through to Monday (event HERE).

Velvet Vinyl

A bunch of local dealers of the not-speed variety (too expensive) will be selling their pre-loved and new vinyl at the Velvet Lounge. Music spans '60s to new releases. Message the EVENT if you wanna set up your own table to sell, it doesn’t cost anything. Free entry, 1pm – 5pm, and there’s always Scotto’s $10 pint and pizza special on Sundays, too (the original and the best cheapskates weekend-ender). 

Get YouTube Famous

YouTube's Kevin Allocca (a dude who professionally watches YouTube videos) reckons anyone can be “famous on the Internet by next Saturday”. That’s right, next weekend you could be making a shitload of cash and you won’t even need our crappy guide. Get your camera or your iPhone, download some free video editing software, and make a video. Write a script, get some mates involved, film it, upload to Youtube. If it’s good, the hits will come. If it’s shit, just watch other people’s more successful videos. THIS ONE ain’t bad ;)

Smoothie and schmoozie at the free markets 

Cupcakes, smoothies, gelato, sausage sizzle, plus goods and apparel from Perth up‘n’coming creatives including NinaMarlena, Ginger & Pop, Amore & Sorvete, BrandE The Label and more. Sunday, October 12, 10am–4pm, 33 McCoy Street, Myaree. Note that this is an alcohol-free event so if you have any Schnapps left over, leave that sticky bottle of yours in the glovebox (event HERE). 

Be the Chairman of the Board at the Perth Games Festival

Tomorrow, there’s going to be board games, tables set up with people on their mobiles playing mobile games and computer games, as well as virual reality experiences. It’s the Official Perth Games Festival! There is no way you will get board at this. Are you game? 10.30am–4pm, free. Perth Town Hall (event HERE).

Scale the contemporary art frontier

It’s always free. In her exhibition Kinesphere, Erin Coats has re-shaped the interior space of the PICA galleries with a grand scale architectural intervention, inspired by her  background in rock climbing.

Pingu Party

There’s more to Rockingham than just swinging pigs. The Shoalwater Marine Park, off the coast of Rockingham, features reefs bursting with sea stars and molluscs (molluscs!), a sparkling ocean full of dolphins, cool coral and a shipwreck called ‘The Saxon Ranger’ that you can snorkel and dive around if you have a permit. Theres also a couple of themed-animal islands – one island's full of seals (Penguin Island) and one island full of Penguins (Seal Island). You can take a ferry to the Penguin one it’s $15 dollars and there’s even a café called the Pengos Café that serves various types of penguin delicacies. Not really, they’re way too cute to eat, but there is something called a Cheeky Chicken Burger that sounds like a very good time. 135 Arcadia Drive, Rockingham.

Header photo by Paul Paper

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