New Music: Purity Ring - Push Pull

New Music: Purity Ring - Push Pull

After nearly two years of silence Purity Ring return with a single titled Push Pull.

Purity Ring have released their first track, Push Pull, in nearly two years and it reflects a shift towards a more pop-orienated sonic direction in place of chopped vocals and twilight-infused synths. This decision to move away from chopped vocals could reflect a growing confidence in Megan James' voice and more elemental tracks in comparison to their instrumentally dense debut album Shrines. Purity Ring's sonic shift reflects a decision to push their creative boundaries as they have with the bouncing drums and the playful piano keys that appear in the track. But what remains the same is the dulcet toned voice of James as it soars over the track. Whether this piece is their first single on an upcoming release or a stand alone track we don't know but it's good to have them back. Click HERE to head to their website to see the lyrics and more.

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