New Music: Oscar Key Sung - Premonition

New Music: Oscar Key Sung - Premonition

Oscar Key Sung continues to do no wrong.

Dream-boy Oscar Key Sung is back with another 10/10 future jam, Premonition, from a forthcoming EP titled Altruism. It isn’t an official single and while it does lack the sophistication that usually comes with Oscar Key Sung’s work, it’s still a gem. And we’ve been big fans of Mr. Key Sung so much so that we once asked him to come in for a special Pilerats Live Recording. And now the dream boat returns with a stripped-back, futuristic R&B track about a corrupt relationship. While in no way you’re typical pop song it carries the hallmarks with a melody that has been frozen in the tundra of Siberia before being tossed into a microwave as Oscar Key Sung cries, "I self-destruct in 3,2,1 blow." This EP will be something special.

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