Interview - Allday

Interview - Allday

It ain't easy bein' Alldeezy.

Having just released his first album Startup Cult last Friday (it's brililant - go get it HERE), things are going pretty well for young Allday. He's just wrapped up a huge tour, and Lizzy Berezy caught him at the tailend to talk about his mum, the tour, and of course, the album.

All in all, how was the tour? Any weird fan experiences?

The tour was awesome. It's the first time we've sold out a full tour. There were some weird moments for sure. At the under age shows (which started at 2pm) people were lining up from about 11am. Then they like rushed our car and shit. I know when you see it happen to celebrities they always look very unimpressed but I couldn't stop laughing.

Broken bones? Interactions with actual cult members?

I didn't break any bones. I did have to play two shows in a day with the flu and I was so fucked up that I dropped the microphone like three times. After that I slept for like 15 hours.

What’s the main difference between Startup Cult and your previous releases?

Firstly, it's better. I've only been really doing music for two years. So there was a point where the quality of my music wasn't up to par with how many people listened to me. I tried really hard to amend that. Also, I just followed my own music tastes on Startup Cult. I'm kind of ashamed to say there were moments in the past where I said to myself "I have to appeal to the Aussie Hip Hop market", but this time I'm appealing to myself and trusting that a lot more.

You’ve said you listen to a lot of Drake, A$AP Rocky and Kendrick Lamar. If you could get anyone to feature on a song with you, would it be one of these guys or someone else? 

I'd have to go with Drake. Kanye West would be pretty amazing too.

If you could have anyone produce a beat for you, who would it be?

I'd love a beat from A-Trak, after hearing what he did with Cam'Ron recently I think he's pretty on fire. I love Young Chop too, he's the guy who does all the Chicago Drill stuff for Chief Keef and Lil Durk and stuff.

Now to the most important question, has your mum heard the album? What does she think of it?

She actually hasn't. Because she's in Adelaide and I have only JUST got my hands on the CDs. She's heard a lot of the tracks though because I send them to my brothers while I'm recording them to get their opinions and they live at home still. They listen to a lot of hip hop so they can be pretty useful. She mentioned that she likes You Always Know The DJ so that's why I decided to make it the next single.

Do you have any particular goals in mind when it comes to rapping and your music career, or do you just want to go with the flow? (haha “flow” get it, because hip hop? I’m sorry)

Haha! Umm I have a lot of very specific goals. Last year I had a lot of goals that took until this year to tick off. I wanted to get a Like A Version, Hit 100,000 likes on Facebook (still not there but pretty close) and a bunch of other things. I'm pretty nerdy like that. In a larger sense though I just want to make awesome music and I still don't think I'm anywhere near my potential, so that's my goal.

What are you looking forward to in the second half of 2014? Congrats on the Lily Allen supports! 

Definitely the Lily Allen supports! She's so rad I hope I get to meet her. I'll also do another tour later this year and we've got some pretty rad supports lined up that I won't mention quite yet! 

Over half a year on from your It Ain’t Easy Being Steezy tour, would you say being steezy gets easier with time or is it still something you have to struggle with in your daily life?

Well it's a burden that’s for sure. I would compare it to having a superpower or something. When you wake up you don't necessarily think about it but you know you're different to everyone else. But if you're steezy like me just remember, there are other people like you, you aren't the only one, and there's help out there.


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